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Fracking Ireland NewsAlert (12), 13 February 2017



POLITICIANS : The damage on the enverionment will be bigger than any sueing from any fracking company. PASS the anti fracking BILL without delay!
CITIZENS: Contact our MEP's NOW and ask them to vote AGAINST CETA
FG MEP's didn't sign the pledge - FG TD Tony McLoughlin tabled the anti fracking Bill


All info here: https://stop-ttip.org/cetacheck
Click on the link and contact the MEP's who haven't signed the pledge!


Or email: deirdre.clune@europarl.eu; brian.hayes@europarl.europa.eu; sean.kelly@europarl.europa.eu; mairead.mcguinness@ep.europa.eu; brian.crowley@ep.europa.eu
and  say
" I,..............., (address)..........., hereby ask you not to vote for Ceta on my behalf this Wednesday 15th of February, 2017. "  

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CALL YOUR MEP - HERE SOME HELP  to get over the TRICKS  to put you off





 Dear Fellow Irishwomen and Irishmen,

Walter here appealing to you to persuade your MEPs to vote against Ceta this Wednesday, February 15th, 2017.

Ceta, ‘The Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement’ between The EU and Canada, is not just a trade agreement. It allows private corporations to sue Ireland and other EU Nations when they believe their “future anticipated profits” might be threatened by new laws, replacing National and EU governance with Corporate governance.

A US multinational with an office in Canada will also be able to sue EU Nations for bringing in laws that compromise their profitability. This includes the UK if the deal becomes law before Brexit.

Ceta favours privatisation over democracy, and once sanctioned would be extremely difficult to reverse.

It is a document designed to confuse, 1,600 pages long, with neither a contents list nor an explanatory text. It’s composition makes it virtually impossible for people to understand, and for our MEP’s to make a properly informed decision.

There is not a word about the risks to Nations, our People, our democracy. It overrides EU laws, individual Nation’s laws, our constitution, environmental laws, food law, and planning laws. It paves the way for fracking, mining, drilling, where we must accept reduced environmental consequences or face financial penalties. Ceta will legally allow the importation to Europe of food products with inferior animal and human health regulations, which will compete with ours.

As a Corporate development it will undoubtedly hit the most vulnerable worst. Unemployment will most likely rise, wages will fall and economies will see their growth rates decline. Governments will lose revenue, and so increase austerity further, with well understood consequences on public services, homelessness, food poverty and mental and physical health.

Ceta includes the investor-state dispute settlement system (ISDS)– which hands big business the power to sue individual governments when their present and future profits may be affected, eg if local protests, or local laws, delayed their planned developments.

Ceta threatens to lock in privatisation, making renationalisation or attempts by Ireland and other Nations to take control of failing public services impossible.
Ceta claims to be a trade treaty, but many of its provisions have little to do with trade. They are attempts to replace democracy with corporate power.
Ceta was prepared in secret by unelected personnel. Public Consultation consisted of four meetings, all of them in Brussels, all dominated by corporate trade associations.

Many of our Irish MEPs are understandably voting against Ceta this Wednesday. However our three Fine Gael MEP’s are publicly voting for this undemocratic binding international corporate trade deal, which will transfer Power away from the People and their elected representatives, to private Corporations.

I urge you to contact Deirdre Clune MEP Deirdre.clune@europarl.eu , Brian Hayes MEP Brian.hayes@europarl.europa.eu , and Sean Kelly MEP sean.kelly@europarl.europa.eu , and all your Fine Gael contacts to change their minds and vote against Ceta, and vote for Irish interests. Brian Crowley MEP, Fianna Fáil, has not been voting at all in the EU recently. Fianna Fáil abstained from voting in the Seanad, however their Senators spoke in favour of Ceta. They must also be persuaded that Ceta is most definitely not in Ireland’s best interests. Sinn Féin and other Irish MEPs are voting against Ceta on Wednesday.

This is very serious for Ireland, and every Nation within the EU. Not only would Ceta compromise the EU institution and it’s laws, it would undermine and override our Constitution and our Independent Republic of Ireland. What an insult this would be to our Nation’s founders.

Ceta is a major move towards Globalisation and Corporate Governance, taking Power away from the People.

Please, I beg you, stop these MEP’s voting for Ceta this Wednesday.
Simply email them and say " I,..............., (address)..........., hereby ask you not to vote for Ceta on my behalf this Wednesday 15th of February, 2017. "

Many thanks,
Yours sincerely,

CETA- Background info

CETA, the deal with Canada, might look small and innocent compared to its bigger brother TTIP, but it is not less toxic! It will impact every European citizen in one way or another, whether it be through the food consumed or the cost of hospital visits! CETA will lower hard fought-for standards, carve-out democracy and undermine the rule of law.

SHORT INTRO: https://stop-ttip.org/what-is-the-problem-ttip-ceta/

This short introduction gives you the main arguments why TTIP and CETA are a threat to so many things we value and need – in less than five minutes. So let’s begin:
The EU soon intends to sign two far-reaching trade agreements: One with Canada (CETA = Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement) and one with the USA (TTIP = Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership). The official line is that these will create jobs and increase economic growth. However, rather than citizens, it’s much more likely that only big corporations will benefit from them. Here are the main reasons why:

• Investors will be able to sue states. The so-called Investor-State-Dispute-Settlement (ISDS) – even in it’s new disguise as the EU’s “Investment Court System” (ICS) model – will grant foreign investors (i.e. Canadian and US companies) the right to sue European states if they believe that laws or measures of the EU or any member state have damaged their investments and reduced their expected profit. This will also affect laws and measures enacted in the interest of the common good, such as environmental and consumer protection.


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