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Bye Bye Infrastrata .....
Hell(o) Islandmagee (fracked) Gas Storage Plant

Fracking Ireland News Alert (11)             27 June 2016]


In this News Alert learn more about
the link between Infrastrata and Islandmagee
Gaelectric and Islandmagee


Sligo Co. Co. to decide on fracking ban in development plan.


Cllr Declan Bree


Sligo Council to decide on fracking ban

Sligo County Council will decide at its meeting on Monday (27th June) whether to include a ban on fracking in the new draft County Development Plan when councillors will consider an extensive motion on the issue submitted by Independent Cllr Declan Bree.

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 - no more drill rigs should ever get in on the ground again on this island
- we have to shut down Islandmagee




" Fair play to everyone who stood at that camp everyday , I was there a hand full of times and each time I was photographed by psni and was mocked by infrastrata security. You're presence and determination and most definitely persistence has surly paid off.. Well done to you all . I hope people across the Island will find the same spirit if these parasites try and drill somewhere else in Ireland . Delighted for everyone involved"


" This is great but I hope there is an investigation into how this all happened ! Also 200k was spent on policing this , infrastata should be made to pay this !"





Salt caverns to store shale gas, (Infrastrata) or to store energy in the form of compressed air (Gaelectric).
This compressed air will be converted into electricy, but it has to be heated by using natural gas.

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Islandmagee project started in 2012



Test drilling will provide data on wind-energy storage potential


Larne Times

Published on Saturday 14 January 2012

SCIENTIFIC investigations into Larne’s potential for energy storage is being taken a step further by Gaelectric Energy Storage (GES).

Unlike InfraStrata and North East Storage – which hope to excavate underground salt caverns to build up reserves of natural gas Gaelectric is undertaking exploratory drilling ahead of a proposal to cache compressed air generated by wind turbines at off-peak periods and use it to boost the grid when required.

If all goes to plan, GES would build a facility to convert the compressed air into electricity by heating it using natural gas. The project would also entail a marine pipeline.

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 Leah Doherty: June 2016

Basically there is a power plant, that will be fuelled by fracked gas, planned to be built by Gaelectric and Dresser Rand in Islandmagee, Antrim.

This power plant will be driven by fracked gas, initially that gas will probably come from U.S. then if Cameron and Arlene et al get their way the gas needed to run this proposed plant will in the future be from the U.K. and/or the Larne Basin.

This plant in Islandmagee is one of a number being proposed throughout the UK and is part of an energy plan that will lock us into fracking and the burning of gas for decades to come. Both Gaelectric and Infrastrata have been given grants by the EU for their respective projects.

There have obviously been deals already made between countries and the big players in the industry. The US is eager to export it's fracked gas and take the market share in Europe away from Russia and the middle east. This move has little to do with transitioning from fossil fuel consumption or our dependence on Russia etc...it has to do with profits for the fracking industry and those profits can only increase if their market widens.

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"Where are the Green Party NI on this, does anyone know? Have they made/submitted objections?
Where are Sinn Fein (the so-called anti fracking party) on this?

IM funding

If the Islandmagee gas storage project is co-financed by the EU, does that mean that Infrastrata et al. might have difficulty in continuing with the project? From Infrastrata's website it looks like they are expecting more EU funding to complete the project. Anyone know? Or any idea where we can find this info out?

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IM 7
IM 9


17 Feb. 2016


Divers could scour the sea bed off Islandmagee to help protect rare species from a brine discharge, if a CAES power plant plan is approved.

Planners are presently consulting on Gaelectric’s application to build the £300m Compressed Air Energy Storage facility, which entails the creation of underground salt caverns to store energy in the form of compressed air, which would then be released to generate electricity when demand is high.

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BREXIT: Will Infrastrata be able to finish the Islandmagee project without   any more funding ??




Issue No. 82 - June 15, 2016



1. Three fracking ban proposals before the Dáil

2. Scottish parliament votes in favour of fracking ban

3. Studies show that shale gas has not been extracted safely in Pennsylvania


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