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Ireland no longer Fracking Free
(if we don't stop the drill)

11 May 2016


"My understanding is that it is possible to commit a small crime to prevent a larger one."



Since 2011 fracking is looming over Ireland. After years of informing people, writing letters, demonstrations, direct actions, taken legal actions, it seems that politicians and the big companies doesn't care. Democracy and human rights are dead words.

At present the first rig in (Northern)  Ireland has arrived and is transported to Woodburn forest (and sticks into the mud).
Infrastrata will start testdrilling near a waterreservoir, supplying water for the entire Belfast eara. Despite scientific evidence, that fracking can not be done safe and often pollutes the water, the greed and ignorance seems to be unlimited, putting peoples health at risk.

A legal action was succesfull, but despite this, the lorries are still driving into Woodburn forest. A protestor had chained himself to the rig, another protestor was sitting peacefully on the ground,  both were removed by the PSNI.

Friday is the court case of another  protestor related to the Belcoo protest.

Campaigners are organising actions.
Politicians and NGO's are not at site (yet).
If people do not turn up and demonstrate massively to stop the drill, Ireland will be no longer Fracking Free.

Ineke Scholte

Fracking Free Ireland

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For anyone who claims Infrastrata are not going to be using fracking at the Woodburn site - read the article below.

I have asked Eoin O Broin of Sinn Fein to get his party to question Infrastrata over the details (discussed in the article below) in regard to the many hows surrounding the type of drilling operation Infrastrata intend to use at Woodburn.

I also stated to Eoin O'Broin that SF have had long enough to decide which side they are on when it comes to Infrastrata's drill at Woodburn and until SF take real action to stop Infrastrata and come out publicly with a party statement outlining this course of action & calling for Infrastrata's operation to be shut down - until then the reality is that SF are not on the side of the ‪#‎stopthedrill‬ campaign.

Whether or not Infrastrata intend to use fracking (many of us believe they will) does not dictate whether or not this drill should go ahead - the drilling at Woodburn should not proceed for many reasons - top of that list is obviously water protection.

In the past I recommended to those involved in the campaign in Antrim to get a geologist on board to look at the area Infrastrata wish to drill - this info will lead to a greater understanding of the whole area, what sort of drilling would be needed, what sort of deposits are there (ie oil, radium, uranium, lead, other heavy metals etc etc...)

Also Tellus a cross border geophysical data survey was conducted throughout this island a couple of years ago - if the #stopthedrill campaign has enough money from fundraising (if not we could raise more) they could get the geological data available from Tellus which would answer many questions that still remain about this area ie the oil deposits and type and extent if drilling needed to extract it.

If you're involved in SF or a supporter of theirs you might want to start getting some answers from them asap.

uk fracking def



Leading geologist warns loophole in government’s legal definition of fracking could enable companies to bypass safety precautions

The UK government has been accused of including a large loophole in its legal definition of fracking which could enable companies to bypass safety regulations, according to a leading geologist.

In rules that came into force on 6 April, fracking is defined by the amount of high-pressure fluid used to fracture shale rocks and release gas or oil. However, the only well fracked in the UK so far, which caused small earthquakes near Blackpool in 2011, would not qualify as fracking under the definition.

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court case

Background info re. the court case and the stand of the 5  main political parties


Friday 06 May 2016


A legal bid is being made on Friday to scupper plans for oil exploration in a Co Antrim forest, with one protestor saying it is likely to be just the first of many challenges.

Belfast’s High Court will hear a bid by a nearby resident opposed to the project, who is calling for a judge to rule on whether the work should indeed go ahead as planned.

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Statement from Stop The Drill following Belfast High Court hearing.

A massive victory for the campaign today in the High Court! Stop The Drill are delighted that the judge ruled in favour of the concerned local resident and granted leave that the Judicial Review can proceed.

Infrastrata's barrister Stewart Beattie stated that the company will go bankrupt if the drill is stopped until Mid and East Antrim Council make a decision on enforcement. This is a company that the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment (DETI) confirmed two days ago as financially sound.
Anne Donaghy's affidavit to the court was refused -so it was! Greg Jones QC for the applicant was vehement in his condemnation of how the Council have acted. He said 'How long does it take for this authority to figure out that there have been changes made to the access? It beggars belief. The conduct of Mid and East Antrim Council falls below the required professional standards'.
He was heavily critical of RPS (Infrastrata's consultants) reports citing numerous inconsistencies between the original reports and what is actually happening on the ground.

An injunctive relief case will be heard on Thursday, 12th May with Infrastrata being forced to disclose their contracts.

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 and meet campaigners to plan action for 'Stop the Drill' in  Woodburn Forest

Maco is appealing the conviction of assault handed down to him last September.

The state along with the judicial system is trying to make an example of Maco and frighten people from getting involved in peaceful resistence to this industry.
Maco is innocent and on the day in question he was defending (with others) himself and others from a tall metal security fence being pushed on top of the crowd by the security guards.

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Mark, chained for 6 hours on the drilling rig and was arrested.






LOCAL construction firm Acheson & Glover has denied claims that one of its quarries in Belcoo has been purchased by Tamboran, the company that previously held a licence to frack in Fermanagh.
The issue has been highlighted by the local cross-community, campaign group, Belcoo Frack Free. They claimed on social media this week that Tamboran “have bought or are in the process of buying the top quarry from Acheson and Glover”.
In February, it emerged that Tamboran had lodged another legal bid to return. Tamboran Resources (UK) submitted an application to the High Court to challenge the adoption of the Strategic Planning Policy Statement, which was published last September and included a presumption against fracking in the North.

Posted: 9:00 am May 4, 2016

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duke study



Thousands of oil and gas industry wastewater spills in North Dakota have caused “widespread” contamination from radioactive materials, heavy metals and corrosive salts, putting the health of people and wildlife at risk, researchers from Duke University concluded in a newly released peer-reviewed study.

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Update 02/11/15: The problems with California's underground injection control program are far worse than originally reported. It has now been revealed that California regulators with DOGGR permitted hundreds of wastewater injection wells and thousands more wells injecting fluids for “enhanced oil recovery” into aquifers protected under the federal Safe Drinking Water Act.

Original post: After California state regulators shut down 11 fracking wastewater injection wells last July over concerns that the wastewater might have contaminated aquifers used for drinking water and farm irrigation, the EPA ordered a report within 60 days.

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