Ban fracking on the island of Ireland

Fracking Matters Newsletter  2 - 2016   (157)

  22 February 2016

Frogs, Farmers or Frackers?!
To be a source of information about the invasion of fracking, in Ireland, in Europe,... all over the World!


Dear all,

Elections Friday 26th February.!

Since 2011 fracking is looming over Ireland and campaigners have worked hard to raise awareness, to fight the frack and are keeping the frackers out UNTIL TODAY, but not any longer in Northern Ireland!

Politicians and political parties are taking a stance on fracking, but how trustworthy is their stance? Do they really want to ban fracking?

Is this newsletter we will give some facts, debunk myths and we hope it will help to make up your mind and to cast your vote to a politician, you can  trust, feels it is Right2Change, wants to Keep Ireland Fracking Free - without any ifs....or  awaiting ...... and who commits to Ban Fracking on the Island of Ireland. Full stop.

 Main topics:

• Right2Change - pledge and candidates

• NI - Woodburn forest, trees are falling..... site clearance for Infrastrata

• No Ban on Fracking in Sligo County Development Plan

• Clare TTIP free

• Debunk the Myth - opinion, thoughts

• Stop the Study

• Husting in Manorhamilton

• Candiates/ Politicians and Political Parties stance on Fracking

• Shale Gas Bulletin Ireland

Let's Keep the frogs in and the frackers out!


Fracking Free Ireland



Right2National Resources

Natural Resources:  The natural resources of Ireland belong to the people of Ireland.  The campaigns over our oil and gas reserves, woodlands, clean seas, archaeological and heritage sites, and community life point to the growing issue of ‘resource democracy’.  We will constitutionally enshrine the ownership of natural resources with the Irish people.  Natural resources will be entrusted to public and transparent control providing people the right to benefit from sustainable developments.

Right2Sustainable Environment

We will legislate for ambitious and binding climate change targets, including a ban on fracking, a transposition of the Rio de Janeiro Agreement into domestic law and we will use Bolivia’s Law of the Rights of Mother Earth as a guide.

SIGN THE  - RIGHT2CHANGE PLEDGE  - as so many candidates/politicians already did...

I pledge to play my part in making 2016 the year of change for Ireland. 

I pledge to vote only for Right2Change/Right2Water candidates in the 2016 General Election. I’m saying no to austerity, no to cronyism, no to corruption, and I will continue to fight for a fairer, more equal society throughout 2016.

RIGHT2CHANGE candidates

Irish news - Northern Ireland


Contractors have begun work at the site of a controversial oil well in County Antrim.

On Monday, (TODAY,  22 FEB) workers began felling trees at Woodburn Forest near Carrickfergus.

The site clearance work comes ahead of a planned exploratory oil well which is due to start drilling in coming weeks.

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woodburn 2

A man has been arrested during a stand-off between police and environmentalists at a County Antrim forest where an oil company plans to drill a well. The entrance to Woodburn Forest near Carrickfergus is being blocked by protesters and a trailer has been used to block access to it.

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Political news - Ireland

Declan Bree motion

 Fracking Free Ireland did attend the meeting with campaigners from some groups. Here a short impression and a short article/podcast on ocean fm.

 The motion from Cllr Declan Bree to insert a ban on fracking in the Sligo Development Plan was defeated by Fine Gael and Fianna Fail councillors at today's Council meeting.

The councillors, including Clr Eamon Scanlon, Clr Tom Mc Sharry and Clr Dara Mulvey, voted against Cllr Bree's proposal to include the ban against fracking in the development Plan.

 Although all the councillors say they will ban fracking there was a huge opposition to back the motion. FF and FG strongly followed the 'advice' from the CEO to get legal advice first, before backing the motion. His proposal was that a new motion was drafted, including the legal advice. This was rejected by those who were backing the motion (independent councillors).
FF and FG went in recess for 52(!) minutes and came with an amendment. They wanted to change some wording: 'including a ban on fracking' by: considering a ban on fracking.
This motion was passed.
Declan Bree put straight after this another amendment: to change the wording: 'considering' in to 'include' ( aban on fracking in the CDP).
This motion was passed!!
But.... after some discussion and accusing Declan Bree that this was all about elections and getting elected, a strong impact 'advice' of the CEO/ County Manager that councillors should get legal advice first - and not get a legal challenged as by Lissadell House (6 million) there was another role, and what we understand (it was all very confusing) is that the wording including will be considered in the new draft motion/plan.

About a half dozen anti fracking protesters gathered outside County Hall in Sligo this morming.

Their protest coincided with this morning’s meeting of Sligo County Council at which Independent Social Councillor and General Election candidate Declan Bree is to put forward a lengthy anti-fracking motion.

He wants a ban on fracking included in the County’s Draft County Development Plan – a similar clause was inserted into Leitrim’s plan in recent years.

Anti-fracking campaigners say they support such a move.

Ineke Scholte of Fracking Free Ireland was among the protesters.

She spoke to Ocean FM News:

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The U turn from  Fianna Fail

Clare ttip

Victory Clare County Council voted to reject the TTIP( Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) on Mon 8 feb.
It’s official - Clare is now Ireland’s first TTIP Free Zone!

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Debunk the Myth

opinon - thoughts

THE EPA STUDY is NOT stopped, NO MORATORIUM in Ireland.

A campaign group - Good Energies Alliance Ireland -  claimed in a press release that the EPA study is stopped and that it was confirmed in a DCENR (department of communication, energy and natural resources) statement.

The invisible statement was part of the topics addressed during the Husting in Manorhamilton.

After intensive research by the Irish grassroots anti-fracking campaign and asking many times to GEAI to provide this DCENR statement, it turned out that:


• 1. There is no official statementfrom the DCENR

• 2. There are no guarantees 

• 3. GEAI & Tony Mcloughlin 's press releases are extremely misleading & do not reflect the reality. They are spinning the truth of the situation.

• 4. When asked by Ocean Fm, the EPA confirmed that they were asked to pause the study in order to get an interim report done.


(GEAI):Meeting disrupted before questions could be asked
(FFI)  Disrupting or revealing the truth?
(LL) Daggers and promises at the Love Leitrim hustings


promises 2

Election Hustings or Hustling  -
Read full article by a member of No Fracking Ireland here: Election Hustling,
 'Stop the Study', unraveled, an inside in the role of  GEAI, FG and more.....

Sit down, take your time, GET INFORMED  and read the whole story

Election Hustling  pdf
Reply from GEAI: Stop the Study Timeline

Sources, coverage in the media incl. Comments

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Many of us are tired at the lack of transparency and the political deals that some in the antifracking campaign have been involved in over the last number of years. We know that there are many good, genuine hard working people in these groups that are at times being led by some with very close ties to Fine Gael hence the government. I am not saying all that has been done by these groups has been damaging far from it, I commend much of the work. But at times and more importantly at critical times many of us feel things were not done for the benefit of the campaign but instead to facilitate politicians and or the government. If others in the campaign had done such things there would have been uproar, but this is all history now. What is not history is the fact that we are about to have a general election.

Many of us feel that unless there is real political change in this country we will never get a ban on fracking. I haven’t met anyone who has been clued into this campaign or Irish politics who really believes Fianna Fail, Fine Gael or Labour would actually ban fracking. This is why many of us believe the key to getting a ban on fracking in Ireland is to have as many politicians elected to Dail Eireann who together with our campaign will force whatever government is in place to ban fracking.

That why many of us in this campaign are not seeking promises from politicians or parties that noone can believe in, but we are asking people to support a movement of change and those politicians who are committed to this movement, Right2Change. Many may disagree with us on the points I have just made and that is fine. I understand that for many, if you have not been on the ground, here in the northwest and only following this campaign online you are probably not aware of why I and others feel this way, we have not written about or documented many of the things that have gone on in this campaign. For anyone who is interested I have tried to explain mine and many others who share the same feelings on these issues in more detail below.

Leah Doherty

(1 of No Fracking Ireland Network)

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• WHY was GEAI -'claiming that it is official '- so reluctant to share the statement from the DCENR? - because there is NONE! (this is the statement we received)



• WHEN WAS ANNOUNCED THAT THE STUDY IS STOPPED? - 3 Feb... the announcement/start of the election.

Is this all a coincidence?

Ineke  Scholte, Fracking Free Ireland


EPA - EU reply

Candidates/Parties Stance on FRACKING


ENDA KENNY - never spoke out re. fracking after this article
Enda Kenny, tomorrow on Ocean fm.(?)

Corbett seeks "green" jobs, talks trade with Ireland's PM

'Kenny said the Republic of Ireland is "keen to emulate Pennsylvania’s success in developing these resources," said Harley. '

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 A campaign group set up a website where you will find a pledge that candidates can sign. You will find here also the political parties who -  considered by the campaign group - will support a ban on fracking. Baseline for this is what they stated about fracking in their manifestos.

Campaigners are contacting intensively all candidates, asking to sign the pledge.

Despite many emails and telephone calls, it seems very hard to get the Labour candidates signing up, allthough in their manifesto is  stated that they are against fracking.

Overview and links to each political party’s manifesto (click on the party name), and what each states, if anything, about fracking.
(Parties yet to publish their manifestos: Socialist Party)

All  PARTIES  & CANDIDATES  who signed the Right2Change ( a.o. support a ban on fracking)


Please note that


• Fine Gael is mentioning a moratorium (there is not!!) and that they are awaiting the EPA advice. THEY DON'T SUPPORT A BAN ON FRACKING

• Tony McLoughlin (FG) signed the pledge  (see also his press release re. the Stop the Study)

• Fine Gael's manifesto makes reference to the discredited EPA study which has been discredited so the party is pro-fracking. Fine Gael has facilitated the EPA study and consistently voted in favour of fracking at EU level.

• FG councillores recently voted against a ban on fracking in the Sligo County Development Plan


• It is noted that, according to an Energy Policy paper published in 2015, 
Fianna Fail is "demanding" a ban on fracking.

• it is also noted that the FF election manifesto contains not a word about 

• FF councillores recently voted against a ban on fracking in the Sligo County Development Plan


 Labour, while its manifesto states that it opposes fracking, the party's actions in government have been pro-fracking because, along with Fine Gael, it has facilitated the EPA study.


• is against fracking as mentioned in their manifesto

• 'has nothing against gas' (Eamon Ryan). They will import gas.......(could be LNG = shale gas from America)



1. 1. General election candidates pledge to support fracking ban

2. InfraStrata set to begin exploratory drilling near Carrickfergus, NI

3. Continued rapid West Antarctic Ice Sheet melt could increase sea level by more than 3 metres



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