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28th January 2016

Frogs, Farmers or Frackers?!
To be a source of information about the invasion of fracking, in Ireland, in Europe,... all over the World!


Dear all,

A happy New Fracking Free Year!

Although it seems quiet on the fracking front, awaiting the outcome of the EPA report, waiting for elections, waiting for an anti-fracking Bill to be voted on, nothing is what it seems. Ireland has since 2011 a group of dedicated campaigners, who are still preparing demonstrations, writing letters, organising meetings to get  their voice heard:

Sometimes we think we won, no test drilling in NI, Woodforest - and suddenly 'out of the blue', a deal was made behind closed doors to extend the exploration licence for another 5 years.

Now it is time for your action:
On February 1st Sligo County Council will vote on a ban on Fracking to go into the Sligo development plan.(similar to the Leitrim CDP ban )
WRITE - (sample letter below) - EMAIL  (emails county councillors below) - SEND TODAY!!

With your help, we can keep Ireland another year Fracking Free!

Get inspired by some international campaigners,
                    Josh - Sandra - Jessica ................


Ineke Scholte,
Fracking Free Ireland


Dear Councillor !
I want to ask you to vote for the motion to have a ban on Fracking in the Sligo County Council Development plan . It seems all councillors are unanimous in the view that we need to ban Fracking in Sligo if we want to have a future in our sustainable industries of tourism and farming . As a concerned citizen I am keen to see you follow it up with bringing the ban into the development plan .
The motion proposed by Declan Bree last month was almost identical in its wording with the Motion adopted by Leitrim County Council . I sincerely hope the recent legal review process will not "water down " the motion and render it ineffective.
Please on behalf of the farming and tourism community in Sligo support the ban on Fracking with your vote on February 1st.
Best regards


Take Action

Take Action - Ban Fracking: in Sligo Development Plan

On February 1st Sligo County Council will vote on a ban on Frackign to go into the Sligo development plan. the motion had been proposed by Declan Bree . (open the link for a sample letter and councillors contact details or use post above)


Eamon Scanlon:

Thank you for your email regarding hydraulic fracturing (fracking). I have always and will continue to be opposed to the granting of any fracking licenses or exploratory licenses. I have attended a number of public meetings regarding this and you have rightly outlined some of the issues regarding fracking in your email.

Declan Bree
Thank you for taking the initiative in writing to all of the councillors.  Hopefully the motion will be adopted on Monday.

Upcoming events - National

Meeting Fracking Free Network - Sat. 30 Jan. Manorhamilton

Campaign news - National

Fracking Free Network (Ireland/NorthernIreland)

Next phase of "Stop the Study" campaign

As you know, the "Stop the Study" campaign before Christmas was very successful.  The two main outcomes were that
1. The Minister has called for an interim report of the EPA Research Study by the end of January.  This will be in the public domain - Michael Colreavy has asked for it to be presented to the Joint Oireachtas Committee.
2. Richard Boyd Barrett introduced a bill to ban fracking in Ireland.  This was a Private Member's Bill and got a lot of attention from politicians and media.  However, it really was a gesture rather than for real.  Though introduced, it was not adopted by the Government, therefore can't go further.  Such a Bill automatically falls if the Dail is dissolved, as will happen when a General Election is called.  Richard has the choice to reintroduce it to the next Dail.  Sinn Féin also have a Bill to Ban Fracking prepared and it may be decided to introduce this one.

Now we are approaching a General Election and we are planning a major action.
We are composing a pledge for all election candidates that they will support legislation or other initiative that will result in complete prohibition on on-shore exploration or exploitation of hydrocarbons in Ireland.   We will have a website set up by our volunteers to manage this that will include an easy way for the candidates to confirm their support for the pledge.

Irish news


Oil drilling: Woodburn site licence terms change for Infrastrata

25 Jan. 2016

A company that wants to drill for oil in County Antrim will now not have to start work within weeks after the terms of its licence were varied.

Read more.


Campaign news - International

JOSH - SANDRA -JESSICA  just a few hero's


UN working group



7 Arrested in Solidarity With the People of Porter Ranch

SANDRA STEINGRABER - update from Seneca Lake
Protests in MINUS 18.5 o Celsius!!

We Are Seneca Lake movement opposes Crestwood’s plans for methane and LPG storage in lakeside salt caverns and has been ongoing since October 2014

Read more.




Jessica Ernst - In Supreme Court, a Battle Over Fracking and Citizens' Rights

We salute Jessica

Jessica Ernst's long fight to challenge legislation putting energy regulator above the law reaches top court.

By Andrew Nikiforuk, 13 Jan 2016,

After years of legal wrangling, Jessica Ernst and Alberta's powerful energy regulator finally squared off in the Supreme Court of Canada yesterday.

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Solidarity Action for the French anti-Fracking Groups - Call for Protest Feb 28 + letter

France has been a true "lantern example" in our global fight against fracking.

Solidarity letter + signatories ( SIGNED BY A FEW IRISCH CAMPAIGNERS/GROUP)
English: France_AntiFrackingSolidarityLetter_Montelimar-Signatories

In December 2015 American firm Schuepach lost its legal action against the French state to be allowed to frack for shale in Southern France (

Now, Total has put forward another legal action to regain its Montelimar license in the South of France. "The French major might regain the Montelimar permit by the end of January, depending on the outcome of a court case that has not just sparked an outcry among green activists – anti-fracking groups call for a protest on February 28 – but also brought the shale gas debate back into national news."

French groups are calling now for protest on February 28.
"Environmental groups are calling for a demonstration on February 28 in Barjac, a small town in the department of Gard, one of the five departments covered by the Montélimar permit which could be re-awarded to Total by a French court, according to a statement from Stop Gaz de schiste”, the national coalition against fracking."

Please find a solidarity letter attached. It shall be signed by as many international groups as possible. It will be sent to the Minister of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy and it shall also be read out during the protest on February 28.


Read more.

Did you know that...

corrib gas 2

Corrib gas protesters did State some service

As gas is flared into the skies above north Mayo, it is worth reflecting on a project that has been one of modern Ireland’s greatest scandals, a stunning fiasco in planning, economics, environmental protection and the abuse of civil liberties.

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Happy (b)anniversary!!!! Scottish fracking & cbm moratorium is 1 today!

One year ago today the Scottish Government announced a moratorium on shale gas fracking and coalbed methane following years of hard campaigning by communities and campaigners across Scotland. 
While the fight is far from over, its nice to be able to celebrate how far we have come. 
We’ve put together this buzzfeed
this blog
and this press release
for the occasion. Please share widely!

Mary Church
Head of Campaigns

Movies - songs - poems - presentations

Poem - The beauty of land and water, Tamboran and Northern Ireland, by an Australian campaigner

climate change Volume 4, Issue 2, January 18, 2016
THANKS TO DAVID from Australia, a poem on Tamboran and Northern Ireland.

'Tamboran is an Australian miner with ambitions to frack Ireland'
'(...)Tamboran has threatened a law suit
against the Northern Ireland government
of two billion pounds, for lost future profits(...)'

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New video on TTIP, transparency,democracy and corporate power

Here's the third video of TTIP series that has been done by activists
from Sevilla (the other 2 were on agriculture and climate change). I
hope you enjoy it. You can activate English captions where it says CC.

Reports - Research


healthToxins found in fracking fluids and wastewater, study shows

Toxins found in fracking fluids and wastewater, study shows

In an analysis of more than 1,000 chemicals in fluids used in and created by hydraulic fracturing (fracking), Yale School of Public Health researchers found that many of the substances have been linked to reproductive and developmental health problems, and the majority had undetermined toxicity due to insufficient information.

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