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Frogs, Farmers or Frackers?!
To be a source of information about the invasion of fracking, in Ireland, in Europe,... all over the World!


Fracking is neither an 'All Island of Ireland' nor an EU issue, but a global issue. All over the world, campaigners, NGO's are building up strength, sharing information and strategies to fight the frack. The campaign in Ireland started in spring 2011 and has grown steadily to a movement that can not be ignored. Below some overview of actions taken by various groups last year and an update on the Irish situation.

Thanks to all groups and campaigners who worked so hard to get the anti-fracking voice heard.

 With your help we can  Keep Ireland Fracking Free in 2016!


Ban Fracking in Ireland - full stop!

Fracking Free Ireland wish you all a peacefull and fracking free 2016!




The Death has occured
Erwin Springbrunn
Lurgan, Frenchpark, Roscommon


1939 ~ 2015

(Lurgan, Frenchpark, Co. Roscommon) December 27th 2015 Peacefully at his home, Loving husband and best friend to Doris and loving father to Hinerk. Rasmus, Dorin, Julian, Anjan, & Wiebke, Deeply mourned and sadly missed by his loving wife, children, extended family, neighbours, colleagues in the Goldsmith Profession and a large circle of friends.

May He Rest In Peace.

Lying in repose at The Sharkey Funeral Home, Frenchpark on Tuesday (Dec. 29th) from 3pm to 5pm. Private Cremation will take place at Lakelands Crematorium Cavan.

Family flowers only, donations in lieu, if desired, to Mayo/Roscommon Hospice at or in care of Sweeney Funeral Directors, Louisburgh, Co. Mayo


Erwin and Doris were involved in the anti-fracking campaign and very dedicated to ban fracking in Ireland. Our thoughts are with Doris and her family. May Erwin rest in peace.


Upcoming events


2016 is going to be a critical year in the fight against fracking and for climate justice.

Josh Fox’s new documentary How To Let Go of the World and Love All the Things Climate Can’t Change will premiere at Sundance Film Festival at the end of January. The film is an odyssey that goes to 12 countries on six continents to investigate climate change-the greatest threat our world has ever know. 

In March, we will begin a 100-city grassroots tour that will bring the film to frontline communities across the world.

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation today to support our work in 2016.

We know this type of grassroots touring is working. A University of Iowa study found that “screenings of Gasland in different locations had an effect upon the mobilization of local campaigns against the controversial practice of hydraulic fracturing; in turn, those local mobilizations made local policymakers significantly more likely to take action to ban the practice of fracking."

Our new tour will go directly to frontline communities facing fracking infrastructure like pipelines and power plants. We will go to communities organizing against offshore drilling and for offshore wind. We will go to communities that are starting to see the impacts of climate change and those that have long suffered from environmental injustice.

Together, we can stop the mass build out of fracking infrastructure in the United States and build something better- democratic, renewable energy.

We know the only true ban on fracking is to build the alternative, so we will work with communities everywhere we tour to help them start plans to get their towns to 100% renewable energy.


We cannot thank you enough for all the work you’ve done this year, and we are honored to be working with you all for a frack-free and climate just 2016.

Josh Fox and Lee Ziesche

Campaign news - National

10-17-2015_Public Meeting Glanfarme (104)

Over 3 years of GEAI-EPA articles

“STOP THE STUDY” – Rising to a new Challenge

21/10/2015 by Leave a Comment

At a most successful meeting in Glenfarne last Saturday, attended by over 120 people, the case for opposing the  so-called research study on fracking in Ireland coordinated by the EPA was made clear.  The meeting started with a number of speakers giving the case for concern.  This was followed by a panel discussion and plan of action.

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Update fracking in Ireland: Stop the Study - Who is CDM Smith - Bill to ban fracking -

Following COP21, an opposition Member of the Irish Parliament, Richard Boyd Barrett of People Before Profit, decided to introduce a Bill to ban fracking in the Republic of Ireland to pressurise our pro-fracking government to take action on climate change.

Please beware of any official government statements appearing in the press saying that the government has ruled out fracking. It has done no such thing, because it has still not even put a stop to the fracking industry-led research study as demanded by campaigners. Read more about the Stop The Study campaign below

As you may know, there is a general election coming up in Ireland next year and the Irish media is far from independent, so if you want to receive accurate updates about fracking in Ireland rather than government propaganda, it's best to get your news from campaign groups directly.

Below  reliable sources regarding the Bill introduced on December 17 which you can share.

People Before Profit join environmental groups to propose Dáil bill banning fracking, December 17, 2015
An Taisce welcomes proposed Prohibition of Fracking Bill, December 17, 2015
Bill to ban fracking in Ireland welcomed by environmental groups, December 17, 2015

Since this Bill was introduced by a politician from a minor party, there is no guarantee that other parties will support it, but campaigners will be pressurising all parties to do so ahead of next year's elections. You can help pressurise our pro-fracking government by signing these two petitions: &

Read more.


Friend to the campaign Richard Boyd Barrett launched a bill to ban fracking in the Dail on Thursday 17th at midday. The Press conference was at Buswells 11am. Representatives ofFriends of the Earth Ireland and Love Leitrim were there. Many thanks to Richard and FOE for their ongoing support and vision for Ireland.

Click her to view more details and videos of the launch from Richard’s website

Click this link to view the coverage in the Irish Times

Aedin from GEAI: 'Many people had a hand in this, including Kate from FOR, Assumpta from An Taisce, Julia from Frack Action NY and ourselves. And of course, Richard Boyd Barrett.'



Take Action

Take action to stop fracking & support renewables in the UK - Week 27 Dec.-3 Jan

Here's this week's list of actions.
Long URL:
Short URL:  Items added since last week are marked NEW!!! 

I have pinned a tweet with the link to the  list to the @frackfreemps Twitter page at

(thanks to a campaigner)



ian crane

Companies (Tamboran and Rathlin Energy) ) are sueing governments and anti-fracking campaigners

Gas company seeks to bankrupt anti-fracking campaigner

By on December 23, 2015 ( 25 Comments )

Rathlin Energy, a gas exploration company working in East Yorkshire, sought a bankruptcy order this morning against a leading anti-fracking campaigner.

Lawyers representing the company went to the High Court in London to recover thousands of pounds from Ian Crane, a broadcaster and speaker against fracking and the activities of the onshore oil and gas industry.

Read more.

Did you know that...

corrib gas

Shell gets final approval to operate Corrib gas pipeline + overview Corrib gas project by Shell to Sea
The Minister for Communications, Energy and Natural Resources has given final approval to Shell to operate the Corrib gas pipeline and terminal in Co Mayo.

In a statement this evening, Alex White confirmed that he had given consent to the pipeline subject to 20 conditions relating to environmental management, operation, control and monitoring.

It is expected the first gas could be brought ashore as soon as tomorrow.

Read more.


SHELL TO SEA - overview Corrib Gas project


Dutch schaliegas vrij campaign visits South Africa - Shell applied for 10.000 drill sites

Karoo - South Africa,  shell wants to frack, 2x the size of the Netherlands.

Report from Jose, campaigner from the Netherlands.

Last week I returned from a trip from South Africa where we talked with several NGO's, Jolynn Minnaar from the documentary "Unearthed", white and black farmers and a couple of South African MP's. Shell has applied for, and will get licenses for over 10000 drillsites with probably 32 pits per site. This will be going on in the Karoo area.

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Thoughts - Opinion - Q & A



Convince politicians that fracking is a threat to our health (see the campaign Stop the Study) but we need also grassrooters/ much more campaigners  for more  PRESSURE:  phone calls, tweets, emails, peaceful demonstrations etc. (as done in New York State last years!!)



Special topic



VALERIE ROBINSON 12 December, 2015 01:00 Afri’s Joe Murray warns that political apathy and big business greed is the root of many of the world’s social and environmental problems

FORTY years ago an Irish priest set up an organisation to help the poor in Ireland and the developing world, but it would soon become one of the first to highlight the link between ‘big industry’, political apathy and environmental devastation.

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Political news - EU 


of 22 January 2014

on minimum principles for the exploration and production of hydrocarbons (such as shale gas) using high-volume hydraulic fracturing


Irish news


This is NOT a victory. Fracking is ruled out for the LONG -TERM energy plans. The government will only phase out  fossil fuels by 2100. So, fracking could be used in the SHORT TERM  and fossil fuels can still be used as a transition option.

Moneypoint generating station which is to close in 2025: an alternative should be decided by 2020. Photograph: Neil Warner

White paper on Energy - no fossil fuels after 2100

Ireland aims to phase out fossil fuels by 2100

Energy policy in new White Paper builds on ambition of Paris agreement, says Minister

Thu, Dec 17, 2015, 01:00

Moneypoint generating station which is to close in 2025: an alternative should be decided by 2020. Photograph: Neil Warner

Ireland will not use any fossil fuels by the end of the century, a new Government White Paper has predicted.

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stop the drill

Rathlin Energy abandons plan to drill at Ballinlea

PROTECT OUR NORTH COAST Working to preserve and protect the north coast of Ireland
October 22, 2015 | 0 Comments
Press Release – Rathlin Energy leave the Rathlin Basin

It is with great relief that we welcome Rathlin Energy Ltd’s decision to terminate their Petroleum Licence (PL3/10) for the Rathlin Basin, and withdraw their planning application to drill an exploratory well into the shale layer at Ballinlea.

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EPA rejects accusations of bias in fracking research

EPA rejects accusations of bias in fracking research

3 Wednesday, December 02, 2015 - 06:39 pm

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has rejected accusations of “bias” in research it commissioned into fracking.

EPA deputy director general Dara Lynott was forced to bat away scathing criticism of the two-year study project when he appeared before the Joint Transport and Communications Committee.

Mr Lynott said: “Our role is the protection of the environment and as part of that we commissioned what we believe is world class research.

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EU news


"This past week, American firm Schuepbach lost its legal action against the French state to be allowed to frack for shale in Southern France.

The Texas-based oil company had sued the French state for years over the abrogation of two permits in Southern France–the licences of Nant and Villeneuve-de-Berg–which were granted before the country's anti-fracking law passed in 2011. The permits were repealed soon after.

The administrative court of Cergy-Pontoise in the Paris area rejected the appeal of the American company on December 22, two weeks after the court heard the case

A campaigner comments:

and now we are waiting for the decision of the administrative court of Cergy-Pontoise for the firm Total which have deposed also a legal action to frack in Southern France, we'll have it around the 15th of january
the drama is not over ....


Ruling: France Will Remain Fracking Free

Read more.



sgb 2

Lots of info about fracking, reports, research etc.

Thanks to Charlie and Sarah!

Reports - Research

Britain flies the flag for hydraulic fracturing in Europe


The United Kingdom is the only major European country showing meaningful support for shale gas developments, according to an analyst at GlobalData, an international research and consultancy firm.

Hopes of developing large-scale shale resources in Europe have faded as regulatory measures have made hydraulic fracturing less feasible. Some countries - Germany, Romania and Bulgaria - have placed moratoriums on fracking, while there is little appetite in France.

Unfavourable geology and sustained low gas prices have also challenged project economics.

Erik Lambert, GlobalData's upstream fiscal analyst, says that exploration activity in Europe plummeted throughout last year and this year as domestic regulations curbed the growth of the nascent industry.

He says the UK government is the only one in Europe that has shown serious backing for shale.

"Although prospects for developing large-scale resources can generally be described as highly improbable across Europe, the UK's less-stringent regulations and commercial interest in shale resources coincide to make extraction more likely."

Mr Lambert cited a recent pledge by the local government secretary Greg Clark to would determine the result of the energy firm Cuadrilla's appeals against blocked exploration planning permission in Lancashire, as well as the UK chancellor, or finance minister, George Osborne's confirmation in his 2015 autumn statement of the planned creation of a shale wealth fund, which would benefit communities affected by shale gas development.

Nevertheless, even in the UK where support at the highest levels is tangible, energy companies still face local opposition and high well costs.

Environmentalists question the wisdom of the government's policy on fracking.

"The government is ignoring evidence of the risks and the wishes of local communities, by weakening regulation and opening up more of the country to fracking," Rose Dickinson of Friends of the Earth told the BBC.

"Spreading the fracking threat to new areas will only increase opposition to it. Despite having had licences for years, the industry still hasn't been able to persuade anyone to give fracking the go-ahead."

Mr Lambert acknowledges the outlook for fracking in the UK is far from certain.

"Describing shale production within the UK as unproblematic would be misguided," he says.




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