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19 May 2016 


'Why Woodburn Matters'

Responsibility and Common Sense versus Companies and Greed

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Dear all,

Test drilling has started in Northern Ireland, despite mountains of scientific evidence that it is a threat to our health, water etc.
The door is now open for fracking in the South as well.

You don't have to be an academic to understand that this is totally wrong.

This article gives you an overview of what is happening in Woodburn. Get an idea of the power of the companies, the role of the police, the politicians. It is a matter of common sense and (energy) responsibility.

Fracking  Free Ireland

Ineke Scholte



We are individuals and members of various groups who are part of the cross-border cross-community movement that exists in Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales which is opposed to the development of an onshore unconventional oil and gas industry in these islands.

We intend travelling to NI on Monday 23rd May to protest against the way in which the Northern Irish administration has allowed drilling for oil and gas at Woodburn forest by Infrastrata to proceed without anything resembling a normal planning process or anything resembling community consent being sought. The imminent Work at Woodburn Forest involves drilling to a depth of 2km in close proximity to a number of drinking water reservoirs and this process will involve drilling through an aquifer.

This state of exception from planning processes that has been conferred on the oil and gas industry - a state of exception that is being facilitated by both the recklessness of the DUP and the inaction of SF - sets an extremely dangerous precedent for the Island as a whole. The NI administration has wilfully and knowingly trashed the Aarhus Convention by denying communities any participation in what is clearly and undeniably a matter with serious and irreversible environmental ramifications. The apparent haste to establish an onshore oil and gas industry on the island of Ireland also flies in the face of the COP 21 Paris agreement ratified in late 2015.

We want to support the communities in NI who are opposing this development and we support their demand that at the absolute very least at this stage this drilling at Woodburn be halted until such time as Infrastrata have gone through a proper planning process and have consulted meaningfully with communities. Ultimately we fully support the #StoptheDrill campaign and all those in NI who's aim is to stop Infrastrata's operations at Woodburn Forest.

We will also use our visit to make it clear to Sinn Fein that we see them as having an equal share of the responsibility for the development of this alarming and dangerous situation. They have been and continue to be in government with the DUP and their cynical use of the interregnum between an election and the formalities of government formation to wash their hands of this issue is deeply concerning.

This is particularly important to us as campaigners from south of the border because SF have repeatedly used the rhetoric of environmental concern to gain votes and advantage for their party in the Republic of Ireland. This duplicity allows the party to take advantage of and benefit from the efforts of many ordinary people who have campaigned against fracking in the ROI, while simultaneously abandoning other communities North of the border to the lawless development of an onshore oil and gas industry. This is a cross-community and a cross border issue and ultimately opens the door for the oil and gas industry to operate onshore on this island.

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€10 return Book your seat call 087-7409102 or 086-0529873


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