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17 January 2015

Frogs, Farmers or Frackers?!
To be a source of information about the invasion of fracking, in Ireland, in Europe,... all over the World!


HAPPY NEW (another) Fracking Free YEAR!

Fracking seems to have to come to a stand still in the Republic of Ireland, we are still awaiting the outcome of the EPA report (in 2016?) It might be a bit out of scope, but FRACKING IS STILL COMING  to (Northern) IRELAND and TAMBORAN  endeavours to get a foothold on Irish soil.
Acheson and Glover (the quarry company who leases the land), has extended their lease until 17th Januray( Tomorrow) So a protest is organsied at the Sligo road in Belcoo 24  th Jan.see take action).

Acheson & Glover Protest – Sat 24th January 2015

And in the North the threat of fracking is huge. INFRASTRATA got permission (under permitted developments rights) for testdrilling 400m from a drinking water reservoir. No Fracking Northern Ireland started a letter campaign:

As you might know  Fracking and TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) are closely linked as TTIP makes it easier for companies to sue governments. And there is also a link between Fracking and (the) Water (charges). If water gets polluted by fracking, do you wish to pay for the extra filtration to make the water drinkable (if  possible?)

Ireland reached the TTIP quorum but we still have to continue gathering signatures to convince our politicians that not all trade deals (as proposed in the ISDS and TTIP) are for the benefit of Ireland.

Sign online or download the form – collect signatures – and return to Fracking Free Ireland (addres on the form!)

With regards to the Water charges, a huge demonstration will take place on January, 31

9am contact 0868127536.

Get involved...... let's keep

the Frogs in & the Frackers out!

Fracking Free Ireland





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Take Action

Acheson & Glover Protest – Sat 24th January 2015

Posted on January 16, 2015 TIME FOR TAMBORAN TO GO – we said farewell…. Is the ‘fracking key’ in the hand of Acheson and Glover ?! Everyone is invited to join in protest outside Acheson & Glover Group gates on the Sligo Rd. Belcoo, Co. Fermanagh on Sat 17th January from 10:30am. Those in charge at Acheson and Glover are refusing to respond to requests for information from the community on their position in relation to shale gas exploration on their premises. We are asking that they immediately clarify whether or not they intend to renew the lease to Tamboran given that the community have already made their position clear on this matter. Check out here for further details…

LETTER CAMPAIGN - Woodburn forest/Carrickfergus.

This is the forest where Infrastrata have been given permitted development rights for an exploratory oil drill. Although this drill will not include Fracking it is uncomfortably close to a water supply for most people. Permitted development is for non contentious development. This would require full planning permission in the rest of the UK. So far 100's of people have objected to this. How is this not contentious? If you want to add your objections go to the event, click on the details and send that email. Thanks. Then share the event with anyone who drinks this water.

 If you are not on facebook:

Take Action – The Frack stops here! UK, 28 -29 January 2015

Posted on January 16, 2015

On Wed 28th and Thurs 29th January, Lancashire County Council will be deciding on whether or not to approve two of the biggest fracking tests ever contemplated in the UK. If allowed to happen, each site would have 4 horizontal wells, producing tens of millions of gallons and radioactive and toxic waste and opening the door to thousands more wells to be drilled across Lancashire, and the rest of the UK.
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Did you know that...

Cracking the Frack – infographic

Posted on January 16, 2015

An ecology company called Arbtech just made an infographic about fracking. It should provide a useful resource for people wanting to know more about fracking. They also have it chopped up into the different sections if you’d prefer to only use part of it.


Good Energies Alliance Ireland renewed the website and has info/overview of fracking in Ireland inclusiveTIMELINES

Plans for fracking in Ireland

• Co. Leitrim/Sligo/Cavan
Timeline Leitrim/Sligo/Cavan

• Co. Clare
Timeline Clare

• Co, Fermanagh -
Timeline Fermanagh

• Rathlin Island
Timeline Rathlin Island

• Rathlin Basin
Timeline  Rathlin Basin

• Larne Basin
Timeline Larne Basin

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Ineke reveided the Save Our Planet Award in the category Campaigning.Thanks to all who casted their vote!


Did you know that there is a portion of the Safe Drinking Water Act that exempts oil and gas companies from certain provisions of the law? It allows them to pump directly into our once protected auqifers which greatly affects our drinking water. Check out Clean Water Action’s full report on “The Aquifer Exemption.” Continue readin

Tamboran - did you know that.....


Fracking firm Tamboran to sue Stormont departments over thwarted Fermanagh drilling plans

This is an article from 16 November and some Court cases have already taken place.
A lot is going on with regards to Tamboran and it is important to know what type of company it is.
Not only changing their name but find out more about the Directors, incidents, EPA fine, etc

Campaigners are working very hard to find out what exactly is going on and all politicians should know all the ins and outs of this company  before considering issuing licenses, (=  giving the go ahead for fracking) t the licences might be sold to a big gas/oil company

Reporter: a German campaigner

Tamboran will file a lawsuit against the decision of Northern Ireland not to extend their license for further shale gas development in Fermanagh.

Two of Tamborans Board Directors (i.e. Patrick Elliot and Dr. David King) were founders of the Australian O & G company Eastern Star Gas Ltd. (see here:

Concerning the pending lawsuit, it would be maybe worth mentioning towards NIs DETI and DoE (& the media - of course) that:

1. "Table 9 Eastern Star Gas record of 16 incidents involving leaks or spills of produced water (Santos Limited, 2012).
In July 2012, the EPA fined Eastern Star Gas $3,000 over two produced water discharge events that occurred in 2010 where produced water from Bibblewindi Water Management Facility was discharged into Bohena Creek (NB. the maximum penalty for a corporation is $1 million)."
In June 2012, the Resources Minister Chris Hartcher announced that NSW Government was initiating prosecution against Santos for Eastern Star Ltd’s failure to notify the EPA for six months about the October 2012 spill and its failure to lodge environmental management reports (Foschia, 2013).
For the whole report and further details:

2."Santos has been fined $120,000 over the death of a worker at its Pilliga site in 2009. Bruce Austin, 57, died from massive head injuries after being struck by a piece of pipeline during work at the CSG site which was owned by Eastern Star Gas at the time.
Eastern Star Gas, which has since been taken over by Santos, pleaded guilty to breaching occupational health and safety laws. "

According to their own homepage, Tamboran is still working closely together with Santos (see Beetaloo/McArthur Project):

FRACKING  -  Northern Ireland

NI – fracking update: Woodburnforest + Gas storage and NI waterpolicy

 A comprehensive overview of what is happening in Northern Ireland

Infrastrata has two projects, that might be linked:
exploration and gas storage.

Infrastrata has (almost) green light for test drilling in Woodburn forest/Carrickfergus and the gas they will extract could be stored in caves, Islandmagee.

Already In 2012 it was mentioned in  the Larne Times, and a campaigner from NI warned at that time  against the link between the gas storage project and fracking. Letters were and are still written to authorities, expressing the concerns with regards to the impact on the environment and the drinking watersupply. Infrastrata says that it will be conventional gas exploration(and not fracking - at that stage) and NI water is confident re. the drinking water in a reply to an Irish campaigner this week: Water policy pdf

NI Water – as the licensed public drinking water provider  states:
‘Having considered Infrastrata’s proposals, NI Water is satisfied that the proposed work will have no detrimental impact upon the catchment, the Woodburn impounding reservoir or the public water supply’

Larne Times article, 5 July 2012

TTIP - Ireland


Ireland is the 10th country that reached its quorum (Germany, Austria, UK, Slovenia, Finland, Luxembourg, France, Netherlands, Spain)

Sign online or download the form – collect signatures – and return to Fracking Free Ireland (addres on the form!)

Learn more about TTIP - WHAT IS THE PROBLEM?


Some rules re. the Self organised Europen Citizens Initiative

The ECI to stop TTIP was rejected by the European Comission, so a group of campaigners started the sECI.

For the ECI: Europe has to collect 1 million signatures and at least 7 out of all EU nations, should reach their quorum within one year.

Dark blue are the countries that reached their quorum (some did reach it over 300%!)

Ireland is the 10th country that reached its quorum (Germany, Austria, UK, Slovenia, Finland, Luxembourg, France, Netherlands, Spain)
Facebook international: : Stop TTIP
Facebook Ireland: TTIP information Network

Flyer TTIP

Brochure: recipe

This brochure explains how TTIP will promote the industrial model of food and farming, further threatening the survival of small family farms, local food initiatives, standards for healthy and safe food, animal welfare, the environment, and public health.


EU news



Environment Agency granted environmental permits to Cuadrilla

Dear Sir and/or Madam,

We are writing to inform you that the Environment Agency has today granted the environmental permits Cuadrilla need to carry out operations safely at their proposed shale gas exploration site at Preston New Road, Plumpton in Lancashire.

Read more.


After 3 years of protests: The Prime minister of Bulgaria: Fracking? Definitely No!

correspondent: Borislav Sandov
National Board member, Zelenite (The Greens)

Yesterday, 3 years after the biggest demonstration on fracking in Bulgaria, the Prime minister Borisov (in his second mandate, after being in opposition for 1 and half year) confirm that his position on fracking is "definitely No", answering a question from MP in the Bulgarian Parliament. 4 days after that demonstration and 6 months after the begging of the campaign Bulgarian Parliament set a ban on fracking (18.01.2012).
Unfortunately I can't find an article on English, but you can translate this through google translate:

This position is coming a day before official visit of US secretary John Kerry in Bulgaria and a day after Borisov express the same position in briefing in the European Commission: (The answer related to fracking is in the middle of the briefing)

Here you can watch a video from 14.01.2012 - protest in Sofia. At the same day demonstrations were held in 14 other cities in Bulgaria, as well in Paris, London and Copenhagen.

I'm also attaching a nice picture from that demonstration.

Wish you success in all your fights for fracking free regions and countries.


Global news

oil price us war

America's Going to Lose the Oil Price War

America's Going to Lose the Oil Price War -

 Jan 12, 2015 12:40 PM EST By

The financial debacle that has befallen Russia as the price of Brent crude dropped 50 percent in the last four months has overshadowed the one that potentially awaits the U.S. shale industry in 2015. It's time to heed it, because Saudi Arabia and other major Middle Eastern oil producers are unlikely to blink and cut output, and the price is now approaching a level where U.S. production will begin shutting down.

Read more.

Death on the Bakken shale

North Dakota is now producing more than a million barrels of oil a day. Ten years ago there were fewer than 200 oil-producing wells in the Bakken. Now there are more than 8,000.

The rapid pace of development has made North Dakota the state with the lowest unemployment rate in the nation, but the boom has brought with it a serious problem: It has the highest worker fatality rate in the nation.

97% of fracking now operating at a loss at current oil prices

If the Saudis wanted to crush America’s shale oil industry they are certainly doing a good job of it.

 West Texas Intermediate reached a 2014 peak of $107.73 in June before dropping as low as $49.77 today on the New York Mercantile Exchange. The grade settled at $50.04 a barrel. That’s below the break-even price for 37 of 38 U.S. shale oilfields, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance.


Reports - Research

SHALE GAS BULLETIN - thanks to Keep Ireland Fracking Free
1. Debt default risk rises as oil prices fall
2. New study shows which fossil fuels will need to be left in the ground
3. Earthquakes linked to fracking in Ohio


Leave Fossil Fuels Untapped to Prevent Catastrophic Climate Change, Study Urges

Leave Fossil Fuels Untapped to Prevent Catastrophic Climate Change, Study Urges

Alex Kirby, Climate News Network | January 8, 2015 10:14 am | Comments

The sheer scale of the fossil fuel reserves that will need to be left unexploited for decades if world leaders sign up to a radical climate agreement is revealed in a study by a team of British scientists.

“Policy makers must realize that their instincts to completely use the fossil fuels within their countries are wholly incompatible with their commitments to the 2°C goal. If they go ahead with developing their own resources, they must be asked which reserves elsewhere should remain unburnt in order for the carbon budget not to be exceeded.” Lakeview Images /

It shows that almost all the huge coal reserves in China, Russia and the U.S. should remain unused, along with more than 260 billion barrels of oil reserves in the Middle East—the equivalent of Saudi Arabia’s total oil reserves. The Middle East would also need to leave more than 60 percent of its gas reserves in the ground.

Read more.

Report on Polish-Czech shale gas

The Kosciuszko Institute - a rightwing Polish think tank, well paid to be pro-shalegas - published a report on developments regarding tracking in Poland and the Czech Republic (November 2014).
Not much news in the report, but it shows that the Polish foreign affairs ministry (which sponsored the report) is still actively engaged in promoting shale gas through 'cultural diplomacy'. Even hosting screenings of the movie Fracknation in the Czech republic.


11 Earthquakes Rock Texas Fracking Heartland in 24 Hours

“Scientists Discover Two New Pollutants In Fracking Waste”

The primary waste product created by oil and gas drilling contains two types of potentially hazardous contaminants that have never before been associated with the industry, research published in the peer-reviewed journal Environmental Science & Technology on Wednesday revealed.

Duke University geochemistry professor Avner Vengosh and his team of scientists found that wastewater produced by both conventional and unconventional oil drillers contains high volumes of ammonium and iodide — chemicals that, when dissolved in water or mixed with other pollutants, can encourage the formation of toxins like carcinogenic disinfection byproducts and have negative impacts on aquatic life.



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