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Monday, 19 March 2018

Frogs, Farmers or Frackers?!
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arlene foster

Arlene Foster terminates licence Tamboran Resources

Exploration company Tamboran Resources is to legally challenge decisions made by Northern Executive ministers which effectively bars it from drilling for shale gas in Co Fermanagh.

DUP energy minister Arlene Foster tonight issued an order which means its licence to explore for shale gas near Belcoo has now been terminated.

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Upcoming events - National

Stop ttip ceta tisa 2

11 October - Global Frackdown Day + Stop TTIP

Dublin: 11 october 11.00 -13.00
Unite the Union, 55-56 Middle Abbey Street Dublin -

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Global Frack Down Day actions in Sligo, Leitrim, Clare,  and more Visit the websites/facebook pages.

Campaign news - National

Climate picnic in Dublin

Lock the gate in Carrickfergus

Protect our Coast and Glens’ group Carrickfergus.
In East Antrim a company called Infrastrata has been given permission to explore for oil and gas in this area and work will begin in Sept/Oct 2014.  We are very concerned that there has been minimal public information or consultation.

Leaflets are available at various groups and you can download them here:

Northern Ireland Leaflet: protect our coast and glens - visit

All Ireland campaign leaflet (A3 folded into A4) contact: (only 15 ct per leaflet) or download here:
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Upcoming events - International

Look out for this logo from Tuesday 7 October!

The international campaign will start to collect signatures for the self organised European Citizens Initiative: Tuesday 7 October. We need 1 million signatures!
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Campaign news - International


Stormy hearing Canete

Reporter Mihaela Popescu

I managed to be in the hearing room during the debates, together with Maria Olteanu. It was indeed very "stormy" hearing and the public was rather unfriendly, except of the EPP's members present there, applauding each answer of Canete.

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Take Action

Sign the petition - say NO to , "Señor Petrolhead" Arias Cañete

In hours a Spanish oil 'baron' could be chosen as our European Commissioner on Climate. And only we can stop this shocking appointment!

It would be absurd to leave the leadership of Europe's energy policy and global climate talks to a man who The Sunday Times has named "Señor Petrolhead". But MEPs can reject the appointment and while some are threatening to accept him in return for political favours, with enough public backing, progressive MEPs could lead the charge to block him.



INVITE YOUR MEP TO TAKE PART IN a board game, in BRUSSELS. There wil  be an action in Brussels, organised by FOEE and Food & Water Europe. With the involvement of the Greens in the Parliament.
We are inviting MEPs to join us for a board game, called "Fracking RISK" to show their solidarity with the anti-fracking movement.
This will take place on Tuesday October 7 from 8.30AM until 11AM
Feel free to invite your MEP to join us.

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Did you know that...


Tamborans' license sold in Botswana

Tamboran sold its licence in Botswana to Nodding Donkey

It is suspected they planned the same for their Irish interests

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Thoughts - Opinion - Q & A

Why is fracking Ireland different than fracking other places? - Interview Leah Doherty

Whether you are pro- or anti-fracking, consider that some places on the planet may be worse places than others to use the new technology to extract natural gas.

The debate about this controversial topic is really heating up in Ireland now -- a place where activists say it would be particularly dangerous to drill as it is full of aquifers. I interviewed Leah Doherty of No Fracking Ireland to better understand what people are worried about on the Emerald Isle.

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Movies - songs - poems - presentations

OCTOBER 11: Global Frack Down Day - video of the week

Video of the Week: join the Global Frackdown

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Why is TTIP more than a trade agreement?

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Political news - EU 

TTIP will open the doors for fracking. For that reason international campaigners wished to have a referendum and to start a European Citizens Initiatvie. It was rejected by the EC,

Press Release stop TTIP - court challange

 Now the ECI is rejected, the international campaign launched the self-organised ECI.
Collecting signatures will start Tuesday 7 October. A widget to sign the list will be available on the homepage of

TTIP - MEPs position + contribution in Strasbourg 16 Sept.

Martina Anderson, Nessa Childers, Lynn boylan, Deirdre Clune and Brian Crowley

Irish news

Breaking: Tamboran to seek two judicial reviews as their licence comes to an end

Tamboran Resources’ Petroleum Licence has not been extended and the fracking company is to take a judicial review against Environment Minister Mark H Durkan's decision on Belcoo quarry AND Enterprise Minister Arlene Foster's decision not to extend their licence


Tamboran in Fermanagh - an overview

Article from  Good Energies Alliance Ireland

Good news for Fermanagh (and Leitrim) 30 September

The news went out at 6pm that the Minister had terminated Tamboran’s exploration licence.  Their initial licence was for three years, during which time they were to do some works, including drilling a borehole and analysing rock samples.  In March 2014 they requested a six-month extension on this licence to allow them time to do the work (until 30th September).  In July they arrived on site in Belcoo with the intention of drilling the 1,200m borehole in the Acheson and Glover quarry, setting off an extensive protest by residents, farmers and campaigners, together with a 24-hour camp at the quarry entrance.

(...) " Ballinlea and Carrickfergus are still in the line of fire.  Our attention must focus on them immediately; the campaign must get behind what the local groups are doing and give them all the support we can." (...)


Tamboran: Licence for fracking plans terminated

Tamboran said they are seeking a review of the decision to terminate their petroleum licence

The licence granted to a company that plans to drill for shale gas in County Fermanagh has been terminated.

Tamboran was granted a petroleum licence in 2011. It had three years to inform the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment (DETI) on its decision to drill or drop their plans.


Fracking in Fermanagh - article Geralyn McCarron + radio interview

A GP who has carried out research into the effects of fracking is to warn MLAs they will unleash a health disaster if they give the controversial process the green light.

Geralyn McCarron, who is from Co Fermanagh but lives in Australia, is part a group that will lobby political representatives at Stormont about fracking and shale gas exploration.


Infrastrata ready for exploration in Northern Ireland

Latest news: they intend to start early 2015

EU news

Shale gas in Poland - from exploration to exploitation

Shale gas in Poland - from exploration to exploitation

Here are 65 shale gas wells and drills in Poland, more than any other European country. The UK, the other EU member state with plans to develop the resource, has only a couple of wells. Poland plans to build 50 new shale wells every 12 months over the next few years but currently, the focus is more on exploration than exploitation. It has granted 82 concessions to prospect for unconventional hydrocarbons, 72 of those are shale gas related.


Poland - Goodby Chevron

On Monday, July 7th, 2014, at 4 AM, the employees of the American company Chevron left the village Żurawlów in the Lubelskie Region. After 400 days of persisting protest, the farmers, inhabitants and activists managed to stop shale gas drilling.


Denmark and fracking Nikolaj Henriksen pls like the page and share,,, this page will be featuring news from Denmark and Scandinaivia on Fracking, the news will be in english and also in danish.... it is open source free for all to use as they please


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Reports - Research

Fracking wastewater poses threat to drinking water

Every year, hundreds of billions of gallons of wastewater are produced by fracking operations across America. Some of that water gets stored in manmade ponds, some of it is injected underground, and some of it is treated and put back into rivers.

Natural gas a bridge to nowhere, study finds

A study published today in the journal Environmental Research Letters found that switching from coal to natural gas would not significantly lower the greenhouse gas emissions that drive climate change.

Fracking vs Water

The vast quantities of water needed to release oil and gas by fracturing rock formations are not available in large areas with the richest deposits—posing major challenges to the future viability of fracking.

Report: Unconventional wisdom: economic analysis of US shale gas and implications for the EU

Thomas Spencer; Oliver Sartor; Mathilde Mathieu Studies N°02/2014. Iddri, 2014. 36 p. Cette étude propose une évaluation de la « révolution » du gaz de schiste aux États-Unis, notamment en termes de prix de l'énergie et d'impacts macroéconomiques, et questionne la réplicabilité de cette révolution et de ses impacts en Europe.



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