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Fracking Matters Newsletter 17-14(148 )

Friday, 5 September 2014

Frogs, Farmers or Frackers?!
To be a source of information about the invasion of fracking, in Ireland, in Europe,... all over the World!


Dear Reader,

Time flies and the threat of fracking is everywhere. As you might know Fracking Free Ireland issued two Fracking Ireland News Alerts (tailored to the Irish situation) since the latest Fracking Matters Newsletter. During the last three weeks the threat of fracking was and is still all around. If you were not able to follow the news, on websites or facebooks,  this Fracking Matters Newsletter wishes to give you an overview. Although the lay out differs, the various topics are still there.

Minister Durkan took a wise decision re. Belcoo, no fracking under permitted development rights, but Infrastrata will start preparing the pad under permitted development rights very soon (their intention was to start 1 Sept). Letters were written to Minister Durkan, to Do the Right Thing (and he did) and now Arlene Foster should 'Do the Right Thing'!  A campsite was set up at Belcoo, the Gates of Hell and Gates of Heaven were erected face to face, police was/is around the place, Tamboran security staff and dogs are 24/7 present, behind gates and razor wire (did you know that that is not allowed during peace time), protection groups are born, a Lock the Gate action will be launched tomorrow.  In Europe the TTIP gets full attention of campaigners, they met up in Paris and Sian did represent Ireland.

And as promised, an updated all Ireland campaign leaflet is finished and just back from the printing company. Thanks to your donations (€ 375) it was possible to print the first batch and cover some costs of the website. (€ 25 per month) . We wish to print more and spread widely to get as much as people informed. For some people it is hard to believe that fracking will affect them... but they will wake up when the drill will be in their backyard, or their water polluted.... but than it is too late!

If you feel that we should 'fight the frack' keep the frackers and hackers out of Ireland, please do consider to  DONATE so that we can continue our work to Keep Ireland Fracking Free. ( The Donate button is on the right hand side on the homepage of the website
Please note, all the work we are doing is on a voluntary basis

Keep the spirit High and 'Fight the Frack!

Fracking Fee Ireland



Upcoming events - National

Lock the Gate to Gas Carrickfergus – launch 6 Sept.

Posted on August 29, 2014

Lock the Gate to Gas Carrickfergus launch. Save the date and hope for sunshine. 6th Sept 12 O’Clock. Carrickfergus castle car park for a photo op of everyone. We’ll have a lovely handmade river to display in front of the castle. Then back to the gasworks for a cup of tea and a chat with people from other antifracking groups. Come and collect samples of our new leaflet to give out to friends. All welcome. Continue reading

Take action – No Fracking protest Stormont, Monday 8 Sept.

Posted on September 5, 2014

No fracking protest planned for the first plenary session at stormont on Monday 8/9/14. A bus will be running and picking up  from Carrickon Shannon at 7.30 am Manorhamilton at 8.15 and Enniskillen at 9.15 am to book a place on the bus or for further info call    0860529873 or 0860870090

Campaign news - National

Fracking Free Ireland did set up a facebook page (after 3 years:) and a twitter account#frackingfreeire

All Ireland Campaign leaflet – issue 2, version 2014

Posted on August 27, 2014 Please find below page images and links to our updated All Ireland campaign leaflet inclusive the latest news from Northern Ireland. The leaflet is a A3 folded into A4
Feel free to print/post on social media and distribute widely.  If you wish to have some leaflets, please do contact


All who did donate will receive a leaflet soon (by post.)

Belcoo news – where to find?

Posted on August 27, 2014Some tips that might help to find the topic you are looking for.

• 1. ALL Belcoo news here:
scroll down at the page that is coming up and use the button OLDER POSTS ( left corner)
You will also find older posts/newer posts on the top of the page

Gardrum Road Protection Group – Leaflet

Posted on August 22, 2014 ALL Belcoo  news here: here to add a title or text.

TTIP – 11 october, day of action (and Global Frack Down Day)

Posted on September 5, 2014

October 11th 2014: European Day of Action Against TTIP

The website for co-ordinating and promoting the October 11th 2014: European Day of Actin Against TTIP has just been launched, here: and the NSA-book page is here:

Upcoming events - International

Campaign news - International

Start of the European Citizens‘ Initiative (ECI) against TTIP and CETA are intensifying

Posted on September 2, 2014 News from the ECI campaign. We can start to collect signatures soon! Ireland need 9.000 signatures!!!

The summer break is coming to an end and preparations for the start of the European Citizens‘ Initiative (ECI) against TTIP and CETA are intensifying. We are still waiting for the decision of the European Commission on our registration. They have to decide by 15th of September, so we will know the result very shortly. If the Commission gives their approval, we can start collecting signatures straight away. Continue reading

Dutch schaliegas vrij campaign visits South Africa – Shell applied for 10.000 drill sites

Posted on August 24, 2014

Report from Jose, campaigner from the Netherlands.

Last week I returned from a trip from South Africa where we talked with several NGO’s, Jolynn Minnaar from the documentary “Unearthed”, white and black farmers and a couple of South African MP’s. Shell has applied for, and will get licenses for over 10000 drillsites with probably 32 pits per site. This will be going on in the Karoo area.

Continue reading

Take Action

Take Action: support Assembly motion + list of MLA’s

Posted on September 3, 2014 list to copy and paste below!

Please share widely & contact your MLAs

“The Green Party has submitted a motion in the NI Assembly to put an immediate halt on unconventional oil and gas exploration and extraction in Northern Ireland. We need your help to encourage other parties and MLAs to support our motion to table it for debate. Please contact your MLA and ask for their support:

‘This Assembly calls on the Executive to enact a seven year moratorium on all extraction, exploration, and activity relating to such extraction or exploration of or for… unconventional hydrocarbons and hydrocarbons located in unconventional reservoirs, including oil and gas from shale or coal strata, any hydrocarbons produced through the use of high volume hydraulic fracturing or underground coal gasification, and unconventional hydrocarbons commonly known as shale gas, shale oil, coalbed methane/coalseam gas, tight gas and tight oil; and calls on the Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Investment to take action to ensure that no such extraction or exploration, or other activity relating to such extraction or exploration, including drilling into shale strata, is authorised or permitted under any current petroleum licence, or under any petroleum licence granted within the seven year period of the moratorium, and that no current petroleum licence or work programme referring to such extraction or exploration, or to other activity relating to such extraction or exploration, is extended; and further calls on the Minister for the Environment to take action to ensure that permitted development rights do not apply, and planning permission is not granted, in respect of any such extraction or exploration or other activity related to such extraction or exploration of these hydrocarbons, including drilling into shale strata.’”

 Mr S Agnew MLA

01 September 2014 Continue reading

Take action – Tamboran is not gone!! letter to Arlene Foster,

Posted on August 28, 2014

Below you will find a  Template letter  addressed to Minister Arlene Foster, the Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Investment asking her NOT to extend the work programme for Tamboran license PL2/10 any further. We need to do this as quickly as possible so all hands on board please, signing and sharing.;;
Continue reading

Invitation to sign letter to European Commission & submit application to new EU network

Posted on September 2, 2014

Message from Fracking Free Ireland Brussels/EU campaign

Please read message below and consider to sign the letter. The deadline to collect signatures is September 7 evening
Various Irish anti fracking groups did sign up already!

Dear Irish & UK campaign groups,

You may already be aware of the European Commission’s support of fracking. In addition to its decision to greenlight fracking in January by issuing non-binding guidelines in the form of a Recommendation, it has now launched a new network entitled the European Science and Technology Network on Unconventional Hydrocarbon Extraction’. The Commission announced its plans to launch this networkin its Communication accompanying this Recommendation. Continue reading

Submissions - Letters

TTIP – jobs, myth, NHS, blog

Posted on September 3, 2014

1) Here’s a link to the joint two-page briefing that is going to be sent to all British MPs and MEPs in order to knock down some of the economic myths still being circulated about TTIP over here. It also gives the exact reference and calculation for the 1 million jobs to be lost under TTIP, which several people have asked for again: Continue reading

Did you know that...

• Permitted development rights – NI

Posted on August 21, 2014

 Learn more about permitted development rights and why companies are so happy with these rights!

• EPA research and consortium

Posted on August 27, 2014.
(,,,) The research is being carried out by a consortium, led by the global environmental and infrastructure management firm CDM Smith Ireland Limited. The consortium includes Queens University Belfast, British Geological Survey, University College Dublin, University of Ulster, AMEC, and Philip Lee Solicitors. Continue reading

• CER – natural gas storage licence, submissions
only 170 submission by Ireland, (0,11%) 34,81 % by the UK

• Fracking Free Ireland did set up a facebook page (after 3 years:) and a twitter account#frackingfreeire

• Stop TTIP : Press conference Dublin, Friday 5th Sept
   was visited by a.o. No Fracking Dublin.

Global illustrated map re. fresh water, shale gas and shale oil reserveres

Posted on September 3, 2014

A very good illustrated map and overlay of fresh water availability and shale gas and shale oil reserves in all parts of the world.


Thoughts - Opinion - Q & A - comments

EU ISDS regulation announcement – FOE Europe comment

Posted on September 4, 2014

Brussels, 29 August 2014 – Tuesday, 2 September,  the European Union published a regulation which outlines a new set of rules to manage financial responsibility in future investor-state disputes in a variety of existing and planned trade agreements.

Movies - songs - poems - presentations

Fracking in … India, a documentary

Posted on August 21, 2014‘We Tamilians, as inheritors of the oldest language of the world are happy to be in touch with you, from here in Tamil Nadu.Let me give a brief on our work here against fracking and how the documentary film came about. Tanjore temple in Tamil Nadu  is the region where fracking has been approved and which is the historic region that is under threat both ecologically and historically due to fracking.We started filming for this document since last year and have been working on the film for a year. It was released in June 2014. We produced this documentary in order to reach the masses here in Tamil Nadu where the danger of the methane extraction technique is still largely unknown.

Continue reading

Political news - EU 

EU-Canada ‘Trade’ Deal (CETA) Full Steam Ahead

Posted on September 5, 2014

EU-Canada ‘Trade’ Deal (CETA) Full Steam Ahead: CETA Public Unveiling  Planned For Sept. 25th: Deal also includes ISDS (i.e. a private court for corporations to sue governments – a mechanism to block attempts by national governments to legislate in the public interest):

“The leaked text of an EU-Canada free trade deal confirms fears that multinationals may sue EU states in special tribunals for enacting laws that upset their profit forecasts, and now campaigners question the public consultation on a free trade deal [the TTIP] with the US. Continue reading

TTIP – Public online consultation

Posted on September 5, 2014

Hoping the momentum against TTIP will build from now on. The recent ISDS consultation attracted only 170 submissions from Irish citizens ( which gives a measure of the level of awareness there is about TTIP in Ireland.

Let’s hope people are more proactive in lobbying TDs and MEPs to reject this agreement and in organising events for the upcoming European Day of Action on October 11.

TTIP – from a business point of view

Posted on September 5, 2014

The Argument For the TTIP from Business Europe (The Lobby Organisation for 35 European national business federations – including very our own IBEC)

It’s well worth having a look at Business Europe’s arguments for the TTIP. They are simplistic, poorly referenced and written in vague feel-good marketing platitudes: (no date: )

Political news - Ireland

Sligo county council meeting

Posted on August 23, 2014

Sligo County Council is to ask the Minister for Energy not to facilitate the Tamboran Resources company in its application for an exploratory drilling licence in Ireland.

Council members unanimously supported the motion at a special meeting of the council today.

At the meeting, Sinn Fein councillor, Sean McManus, said that Tamboran should cut their losses and ‘get the hell out of Ireland’.

Irish news

Infrastrata – Press release

Posted on August 21, 2014

 Infrastrata’s stated intent is to begin work towards test drill at Woodburn Forest, Carrickfergus on 1st September 2014.


Ballinlea – protect our North Coast

Posted on August 21, 2014

Just look how close Rathlin Energy’s proposed Ballinlea well is to our famous north coast tourist attractions: the Giant’s Causeway, the Bushmills Distillery and the Game of Thrones scene, the Dark Hedges. They plan to drill down into the unconventional shale reservoir… they want permission to drill here as little as 80m from homes…

Strong campaigning from Ballinlea Residents Group led to Planning determining that the company must submit an Environmental Impact statement taking in to account impact on human health. This is due to be submitted by Rathlin Energy in September.

SDLP councillor, welcomed motion opposed to shale gas exploratioina and extraction

Posted on September 2, 2014

SDLP Councillor for Carntogher, Martin Kearney, has welcomed the Mid Ulster Council passing a motion “totally opposing shale gas exploration and extraction by the process of hydraulic fracturing known as fracking on the island of Ireland”. Continue reading

Mayo needs to wake up

Posted on August 24, 2014

Mayo needs to wake up to the reality that the controversial method of extracting natural gas from rock — known as fracking — could soon become a major issue in the county.

That is according to two local Sinn Féin representatives who this week urged the public and political representatives to call on the Government to make its position on fracking clear because a number of Mayo townlands in the Swinford and Charlestown areas have long been flagged as possible fracking sites. Continue reading

Relief for local community

Posted on August 21, 2014

A spokesperson from one of the cross community groups representing the people directly impacted by the proposed drilling by Tamboran in Belcoo has spoken of their deep sense of relief following Monday’s announcement by Northern Ireland Minister for Environment, Mark Durkan.

Diane Little from Letterbreen and Mullaghdun Partnership said that the Minister’s decision rejected Tamboran’s proposals for exploratory drilling in Fermanagh under permitted development rights had been met with relief by the local community. Continue reading

No evidence that fracking is safe

Posted on August 19, 2014Click here to add a title or text.
Love Leitrim rally told

Damian McCarney

Armed with a report by New York health professionals, an American anti-frack activist visited Cavan last week to deliver the message that there is no safe way to frack, and that community campaigns can work. Continue reading

EU news

Fracking in Germany – an overview

Posted on September 3, 2014

Has Germany banned fracking? No, it hasn’t. UPDATE FROM GERMANY

Global news

Nova Scotia – fracking prohibited

Posted on September 5, 2014
Listen to the ministers speech!

Nova Scotia plans to introduce legislation to ban fracking this fall, Energy Minister Andrew Younger announced Wednesday.

Younger told the CBC the ban won’t be permanent, but he didn’t have a timeline for when it might be lifted. Instead, he said if a community in Nova Scotia showed interest in allowing fracking, the government would consider lifting the ban. Up until now, Younger said, the Nova Scotian public has “overwhelmingly expressed concern” in fracking, and that government leaders “need to respect that.”

“We need to respect the trust the people have put in us,” he said.

Reports - Research

Global illustrated map re. fresh water, shale gas and shale oil reserveres + Global shale gas development - report

Posted on September 3, 2014

A very good illustrated map and overlay of fresh water availability and shale gas and shale oil reserves in all parts of the world.

Mary Land report

Posted on August 28, 2014
Comment by a campaigner:

This report  could be really usefulfor us in the future. It may be useful in the North sooner than in the
South, given how fast things seem to be moving up there…

This is a solid, independent report that examines a very thorough range
of health risks associated with fracking, and finds them HIGH in many
categories. Continue reading

Report: fracking and community

Posted on August 21, 2014

An excellent report on the risks associated with the introduction of the gas industry to a community. Might be an idea to send this one along to some of those MLA’s and Councillors who still think this sort of development will be good for NI.

Report: adgate_2014


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