New Frontiers Environmental Constitutionalism-PPT only

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New Frontiers Environmental Constitutionalism-PPT only


The paper we have been using as an overview of our Human Rights Tribunal on Fracking and Climate Change is finally now published (as a book chapter) and available on the United Nations Environment website.

“An International Tribunal on the Human Rights Impacts of Fracking: Structure, Grounding and Purposes” is attached below and now available to pass along to folks you think may be interested in learning more. (It’s only fourteen pages long, is pretty clear and has big print.)

The full (excellent) book from which this chapter is excerpted, New Frontiers in Environmental Constitutionalism, is also now freely downloadable from that UN Environment site.

A rich and solid exploration of many Tribunal issues can be seen on the Center for Humans and Nature website where the good CHN folks have been hosting a discussion, to which some of you have contributed, about human rights, extreme oil and gas production, health impacts and climate change.
Please do pass this along to folks whom you think may be interested in the Tribunal and in this work we’ve all been doing.

Thank you,

Dr Tom Kerns, Director, Environment and Human Rights Advisory