The alternative to Fracking – for the public and farmers

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Solar Photovoltaic panels and Power Diverter:  electricity and hot water all in one!

Still no feed in tarif for solar energy (electricity) – no grants on Solar Photovoltaic panels The public is investing in clean energy. The Government should encourage this and divest from fossil fuels or imported LNG (fracked gas from the US)

No tor Fracking – Yes to Solar.

Solar Photovoltaic panels (electricity and hot water all in one!)
The Bed in Barn is now even greener than ever – 14 panels installed, to keep the frogs in and the frackers out!
Durable Solar World (solar photovoltaic) panels from Germany –
Thanks to and

Politicians, do your job and reward clean energy and provide feed in tarif into the grid!

Contact frackingfreeireland for more information and if you wish to get panels installed please do tell them you got inspired by Fracking Free Ireland, or the Bed in Barn in the Ox Mountains