Minutes of Joint Committee meeting -not on Oireachtas website

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Minutes of Joint Committee meeting from DEC 6th 2016 – minutes confirm that the Fracking Bill is with the Select Committee (supposed to be) rather than the Joint Committee (141 -2). These minutes are not available on Oireachtas website, only internally within Leinster House…
 The Joint Committee on Communications, Climate Action and Environment has now been forced to backtrack on what it was initially supposed to be doing with the Prohibition of the Exploration and Extraction of Onshore Petroleum Bill 2016
Initially the Joint Committee said it was going to undertake a detailed scrutiny (including a public consultation) of the provisions of this bill.
Now the Joint Committee is just talking about:

ii) Policy issues arising from:

the Prohibition of the Exploration and Extraction of Onshore Petroleum Bill 2016

So this means that the Joint Committee are not legally authorised to examine the Bill, despite the Joint Committee minutes from December 6th 2016 claiming that they could. I understand that Bríd Smith TD challenged the Chair of the Joint Committee about this on Tuesday at the Joint Committee meeting but was told that this is a policy issue and that we have to move on. It now appears that there is now a well-orchestrated campaign under way to turn an unconditional ban on fracking (decision taken October 27th 2016) into a conditional ban on with fracking, which will then become dependent on the outcome of the so-called EPA UGEE ‘Research’.

Minutes (via Leinster House) 6 DECEMBER 2016
Minutes of JOC meeting on Dec 60001

Full recording  JOINT COMMITTEE MEETING 31 JAN 2017 :http://www.oireachtas.ie/viewdoc.asp?DocID=34477&&CatID=127

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