Islandmagee – resident’s concern over Gaelectric’s CAES proposal

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Untitled-Captured-10Thursday 18 February 2016

The company is proposing to build a £300 million compressed air energy storage plant in Islandmagee.

Environmentalists have raised concerns over the proposed impact of pumping brine, the plant’s waste by-product, on marine life.

The woman, who does not wish to be named, claims local residents were led to believe Gaelectric would hold a separate consultation on marine issues, but that this failed to materialise.

 A leaflet posted to residents inviting them to consultation events last August stated: “Marine elements of the proposed project will be subject to a separate consenting regime and will extend off the coast of Ferris Point northwards and off the coastline of Dundressan northwards under the seafloor to respectively surface at the intake and outfall locations”.

The woman commented: “The invitation implied they wouldn’t be talking about the marine element during the events on August 12 and August 13, which put people off going.

“Six months from the start of the consultation events until the end of the objection period on March 10 is too short a period. At the meetings, you could ask verbal questions but there was no information on paper to take away and consider.”

Since 2012, Gaelectric has held seven rounds of community consultations. Whereas 12 consultation events were held over two years for Carnduff residents, there have been four events in two months since the project moved to Islandmagee. The planning application for the Islandmagee project was submitted in December, and residents have until March 10 to object.