Fracking – not Fracking : redefining words

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Infrastrata say they are not going to frack at Woodburn -Third Energy said the same in Nrth Yorkshire but now all that’s changed – these companies are very economical with the truth, or to put it another way, they lie.

The planners in the Council of Ryedale North Yorkshire yesterday voted to allow fracking company Third Energy to proceed despite huge local and international opposition in the form of peer reviewed scientific research, including health studies which resulted in New York state banning fracking in June 2015.

Third Energy stated they were not going to be fracking just like Infrastrata have done, locals in North Yorkshire now know that was a lie.

Infrastrata will do the same – Woodburn Forest is the first onshore fracking drill site on this island and don’t let anyone fool you into believing it is not. The campaign up north need to start saying this out loud and publicly asap in my view and join up more clearly, without confusion with the UK and international movement against fracking.

No Fracking Ulster and solidarity with the campaigners in North Yorkshire who yesterday were sold out by their Council to this immoral filthy industry. Long live Frack Free Ryedale!

“What faith can local people have in democracy if the members of the planning committee can just completely ignore both the strength of local opinion and the sound planning grounds that objectors have raised? It is a sham.

This company lied to Anne McIntosh two years ago when they told her they had no plans to frack. They failed to inform residents about a leak to their existing pipeline. They have failed to do wildlife surveys, and it now appears they manipulated the background noise survey to show elevated background noise that only occurred during the monitoring period. This company is just not fit to frack.”

“We call on Barclays Bank, who own 97% of Third Energy, to note that there is no social licence to frack and pull the plug on Third Energy and redirect their investments towards renewable energy that has genuine community support.”
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