Solidarity – court case campaigner (high court) Friday 13 May 2016

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Maco is appealing the conviction of assault handed down to him last September.

The state along with the judicial system is trying to make an example of Maco and frighten people from getting involved in peaceful resistence to this industry.
Maco is innocent and on the day in question he was defending (with others) himself and others from a tall metal security fence being pushed on top of the crowd by the security guards.

As a campaign we should support Maco who is defending our collective name as a campaign and our right to resist this industry through non violent direct action.

There have been several discrepancies so far in the case and shaky evidence dependent on hearsay, in the normal course of events we believe he should never have been convicted in the first place, that is why he is appealing the conviction.

We hope to see as many people as possible outside the court this friday to stand in solidarity with Maco for his brave stance against this industry and his ongoing battle to defend his good name and his right to be able to continue to protest against this industry in the future.

┬áPlease encourage people to attend this hearing. Now that resistence on the ground against the drill in Antrim is happening any one of us involved in this campaign could find ourselves in a similar situation in the very near future and if we did each and every one of us would appreciate any support we received. As campaigners this is as much our case as it is Maco’s, but he is the one who has to go through it and suffer the consequences.

Fingers crossed his appeal will be upheld and he can finally get on with his life without this false serious charge hanging over his head.

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