(Northern) Ireland -almost – FRACKED Ireland will be no longer Fracking Free

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Since 2011 fracking is looming over Ireland. After years of informing people, writing letters, demonstrations, direct actions, taken legal actions, it seems that politicians and the big companies doesn’t care. Democracy and human rights are dead words.

At present the first rig in (Northern)  Ireland has arrivedand and is transported to Woodburn

rig arrived
drillforest (and sticks into the mud). Infrastrata will start testdrilling near a waterreservoir, supplying water for the entire Belfast eara. Despite scientific evidence, that fracking can not be done safe and often pollutes the water, the greed and ignorance seems to be unlimited, putting peoples health at risk.
(Duke study )

A legal action was succesfull, but despite this, the lorries are still driving into Woodburn forest.

A protestor had chained himself to the rig,
dril chainhttp://www.belfastdaily.co.uk/2016/05/09/exclusive-carrickfergus-drill-site-in-psni-lock-down-as-protester-chains-himself-to-huge-oil-rig/#.VzBjv7fB-zg.facebook

another protestor was sitting peacefully on the ground,  both were removed by the PSNI
Mark, chained on the rig for 6 hours, until he was arrested.

13124710_1PAISLY ROAD CLOSED567149826917546_3688751152265214116_nRoad closed.



Upcoming Friday is the court case of another  protestor related to the Belcoo protest.