ELECTION HUSTINGS OR HUSTLING ? – Everything is Not Always as it Seems – Especially at Election Time

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promises 2Election Hustings or Hustling 
Read full article by a member of No Fracking Ireland here: Election Hustling,
 ‘Stop the Study’, unraveled, an inside in the role of  GEAI, FG and more…..

Sit down, take your time, GET INFORMED  and read the whole story

Reply from GEAI: Stop the Study Timeline
stop the study timeline pdf

The ‘offical’ statement from DCENR according to GEAI
husting or hustling

Election Hustling  pdf
Reply from GEAI: Stop the Study Timeline

Sources, coverage in the media incl. Comments

stop the study claimGEAI: Stop the Study http://goodenergiesalliance.com/2016/02/03/the-stop-the-study-campaign-has-stopped-the-study/

GEAI claims twice that hte study has stopped


tony fghttp://tonymcloughlintd.ie/opposed_to_fracking

Fracking is not a viable option



Ocean fm:
ocean fm 1



ocean fm 2http://oceanfm.ie/assurances-from-minister-that-second-phase-of-fracking-study-will-not-go-ahead/




epa statement feb 2016EPA statement: http://www.epa.ie/pubs/reports/research/ugeejointresearchprogramme/ugeejrpepastatement040216.html#.Vsbe1RBFm0s



EPA update: http://www.epa.ie/pubs/reports/research/ugeejointresearchprogramme/UGEE_JRP_Update_Tasks_Status_22122015_Final.pdf

manifesto Labour, FF, FGManifesto’s from FF, FG and Labour. Please note FG is mentioning about a moratorium (there is NONE)  and is awaiting the results of the EPA report.

SLIGO TODAY –  husting reports and comments

Sligo today posted an article from Good Energies Alliance Ireland

Sligo today posted an article from Love Leitrim: http://www.sligotoday.ie/details.php?id=39800

Comment by Fracking Free Ireland in the Sligo today on the article from GEAI

Disrupting or revealing the truth?

Here some facts.

FFI did attend the meeting. The stop the (EPA) study was addressed. The chair informed the public that there was a meeting in Dec. by GEAI with the ministers , the EPA, with result that the study had been stopped.

Some Irish campaigners have been trying in the past week to get an official statement from the Irish Department of Energy confirming that this study has been stopped as GEAI is claiming.

The Department has since not been able to provide any such statement; the study has not actually been officially stopped but put on pause. The Stop The Study campaign is therefore far from over.

Think this is worth clarifying, as GEAI’s press release may give the wrong impression to those not familiar with the situation.

Martin Kenny (SF) Stop the Study: , ‘I shaved this morning, I stopped, but I can start shaving tomorrow again. You can stop something, but you can start again’

A campaigner after 1 ½ hour (so everyone could have had they say) stated:

‘There have been close meetings in the Dail last Dec. between
Aedin (former FG councillor) GEAI, Eddie Mitchell (member FG), Love Leitrim, the minIsters and the EPA to announce that the study was stopped AT THE START OF THE ELECTION’


‘This is quite simply a misrepresentatation of the events of this public meeting, I attended the meeting which was promoted as a debate on local candidates views on Hydraulic Fracturing in the constituency, with an opportunity to discover candidates track record on the issue and for members of the public to ask questions. Sadly nobody from the audience had any of their questions answered, and I had the distinct impression that it was only the easily answered questions tthat were going to get an airing. As soon as any challenging questions or statements were made the audience were either ignored or the answer to other non relevant questions were tackled instead. To describe what happened as a deliberately disruptive group is ingenuous in the extreme. Many people were calling for there questions to be answered including a local councillor, and eventually one woman was literally silenced for asking for clarity on a particular area, as the chair caused a halt quite unnecessarily. The questions pertaining to weather the EPA study had actually been halted or was this just an election stunt by Fine Gael supporters was the main question that the organisers seemed anxious to avoid. Now for the audience to be painted as anarchic speaks volumes about this failed publicity stunt.’


‘More finegael white washing aedin is fooling nobody this time!’


‘I have to agree with the statements above, Ineke from Fracking Free Ireland asked where the statement from the department announcing the study was stopped was the only answer forthcoming was that it was read on ocean FM. Who told ocean FM? No answer! What is the point of a public meeting which gives the public an opportunity to ask questions if the process and objectives behind the meeting is not transparent, and questions pertaining to that transparency are cause to close a meeting?. I am sad to say it very much appears that the campign is being manipulated from behind the scenes by those with vested interests on a political level.’


‘Was this really a public meeting or an exercise in futility ?? This seriously needs to be looked into. Hydraulic fracturing is big money and yet huge resistance here.’
‘What are you saying exactly Gary? your comment is really very ambiguous.’

‘That headline is rubbish. Questions WERE asked and not answered. Seemed the only truth we got was from a woman in the audience, though she was silenced when the microphone was demanded back and the meeting shut down by the chair. Totally ridiculous response from the chair especially after he and Aedin of GEAI had been put on the spot with a simple question from Ineke of Fracking Free Ireland earlier which they failed to answer correctly, Mouthpiece for FG? It definitely seemed like it to me and others that I spoke with after the meeting.’





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