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MEPs CAN VOTE FOR A MORATORIUM (a ban should be better…)

Call from Geert, Food and Water Watch

It has been a long time, but the European Parliament again has a chance to vote in favour of a moratorium on fracking. This is a rare opportunity. Let’s not miss it!

On May 7, MEPs in the Parliament’s Industry Committee will be able to vote on this text (same text that was voted on in November 2012):

On the basis of the precautionary principle and on the principle that preventive action should be taken, taking into account the risks and the negative climate, environmental and health impacts involved in hydraulic fracturing for the exploitation of unconventional fracking and the gaps identified in the EU
regulatory regime for shale gas activities, urges Member States not to authorise any new unconventional hydraulic fracturing operations in the EU

Please encourage your fellow activists to spread the word on this action. When you take the action from e.g. the UK, your message will go to all the UK MEPs, who are a full member or a substitute member of the Parliament’s Industry Committee.

There are 67 MEPs in the Industry Committee. Based on my initial analysis, we can definitely count on the support of 17 MEPs (Greens, left-wing, German S&D and Italian libertarians). To get a solid majority, we need to convince about 20 more MEPs to vote in favour of this. More S&D, ALDE and EPP need to be convinced … not easy … but if we send lots of emails, maybe they will get the message that the shale gas is just not welcome in Europe!!

Fingers crossed.