THE NETHERLANDS – Dutch research Programme on Upstream Gas

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Projecten – Index

Het Upstream Gas programma is georganiseerd rondom de programma lijnen:

  • Mature fields – i.e. meer halen uit bestaande velden;
  • New fields, i.e. meer nieuwe velden vinden;
  • Tough Gas, i.e. nieuw gas vinden uit moeilijke reservoirs.

Mature Fields

In a mature field, the reservoir pressure has been decreased to levels where further compression is required to export the gas. Technology development for mature fields mainly relates to extending the life of these fields. Relevant research themes fall into the thematic categories Production & Reservoir Management (Recover more and Optimize production) and Infrastructure (extend life facilities) and concern:

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New Fields

Exploration potential still exist in the mature Netherlands’ part of the North Sea Basin since new fields are continuously found and developed. Exploration in such a mature basin sets particular challenges, such as the proximity and multiple use of subsurface resources, but also provides opportunities given the high-density data and infrastructure cover.

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Tough Gas

According to Exxon (2012) the accelerated development of tough gas, (such as shale gas, tight gas and coalbed methane) must cover some 30% of European gas supply in 2040. A huge potential of tough gas is present in the Netherlands, but in order to improve the economic viability of tough gas projects the development of new technology is required.

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