Stop TTIP – TiSA report

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This is another free trade agreement being negotiated in secret by the 50 countries calling themselves the “really good friends of services”.
The EU member states are included in
this number, with the blessing of the EP (Resolution B7-0314/2013) (July 2013).
There was a services free trade agreement being negotiated under the WTO that ultimately failed there, so the countries are negotiating outside
the WTO now, in secret. The US has even requested that its proposals remain secret for 5 years after the agreement comes into force, or for 5
years in any case if negotiations fail!
Under this agreement, ALL PUBLIC SERVICES would be open to privatization
sooner or later. Health, education, culture, water, energy, you name it,
they’ll get it privatised sooner or later. And any government that
wanted to re-nationalise a privatised public service could be sued.

This would really be the end of European democracy / public services as
we know it I think.

Oh yeah, they’re also going to deregulate the banks / financial sector
some more.