Ban in the Development Plan: official wording- Global Frack Down – Stop TTIP day – 11 October

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Today once again Leitrim County Council upheld the ban on fracking in their county development plan. Despite efforts by the executive of the council and others to water it down, to please the Minister and his department, Leitrim councillors today unanimously upheld the ban. I believe the majority of councillors would have done this anyway but those who were on the fence or who could have voted the other way were definitely in my opinion swayed by the amount of emails and phone calls they recieved over the last week and were forced to do the right thing today because of so much pressure to do so from the public. Well done everyone the work paid off – Leitrim Bans Fracking – for the second time
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We kept the Ban in the Development Plan! Keeping the frackers out is not only a Leitrim Issue, a Northern Ireland issue, an All Ireland issue, but a GLOBAL issue. All over the world we are fighting the frack. Upcoming Demo: Global Frack Down – Stop TTIP Day 11 October
We’ll meet again.

It is the policy of this Council to apply the precautionary principle to Unconventional Oil/gas Exploration and Extraction (UGEE) projects/operations proposed within the county. Given the scientific evidence, and personal testimonies, of the risks of UGEE projects/operations and with the objective of avoiding the risk of serious danger to human health or the environment, it is therefore the policy of Leitrim County Council that UGEE projects/operations shall not be permitted within the County of Leitrim.

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