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Hello all,

Euro-Maghreb anti-Fracking meeting is underway in Paris. Representatives from Germany, France, Romania, Spain, Scotland, Algeria and Tunisia. Report to follow!

Thanks to everyone for allowing me to represent the Irish campaign! 🙂


Activities on the Trade, Investment & Corporate Power Nexus in the European Sommer University

taking place next week in Paris (August 19th – 23rd –

We warmly invite you to participate actively in these activities and also to contribute.

Of course, one of the main aims is to ask ourselves how to get rid of the TTIP and all other bilateral trade and investment agreements.

The objectives of the activities are: To develop joint strategy for Pan-European TTIP and other related Trade & Investment & Dismantle Corporate Power campaigns at national and Europe level (this also includes joint points of action with campaigns in the US, Latin America, Canada, Africa and Asia); to strengthen synergies on national and European level on TTIP and related campaigns. Level off on Resistances & Campaigns. Need for more convergence. Develop common strategies and messaging and identify Common points of Action, both short term – e.g. TTIP Day of Action October 11th- and middle term (2015-2016).

Find attached the draft program.

There are still some facilitations and small inputs missing and to be confirmed, so we would be very happy to get your feedback and help.

We are looking forward to see you next week in Paris.

Meeting point for the organising team: Tuesday, August 19th at 3.30pm at the registration desk in the ESU.

Warmest regards and hugs,
Markus Weber (Attac Germany), Natacha Cingotti (Friends of the Earth Europe), Lise Rødland (Attac Norway), Hélène CABIOC’H (Attac France – AITEC), John Hilary (War on Want), Brid Brennan and Diana Aguiar (Transnational Institute), Tom Kucharz (Ecologistas en Accion)

ESU – draft outline trade-investment




Dear organisers list,

I am just back from the European summer university of social movements,
which took place in Paris last week.

The fight against TTIP (and CETA – TiSA) was of course very present in
the activities. People from the European coalition against TTIP
organised a 3 days seminar called “Challenging the
Trade-Investment-corporate power nexus, the road to a good life for all!”.

During this seminar, we had 2 working groups on the Action day.

Here is the output:

– No one knows about our coordination work, other groups even started
building other websites with maps of involved groups. We should
therefore put (even) more effort in announcing and communicating on our
actions. People involved in such initiatives are now on this list (hey
Kay!) and we can discuss during the next call how to best merge our
work. I will add organisations who signed to call to the announcement list.

– Involvement of local groups and coalition seems already high. We had
people from Austria / France / Spain / UK / Ireland / Germany /
Switzerland in our working groups. Much more countries and regions
expressed interest.

– Importance of tailoring the call and the narrative to national
contexts has been emphasised. For example in the UK there is a focus on
health and the NHS. Spain -> the link with austerity will be emphasised.
France -> standards and public services. Germany -> ISDS…
Local groups were also encouraged to tailor their action on 11th of
October to relevant local issues (local campaigns against fracking / on
water rights / on local food public procurement / on farming in rural

– TiSA should not be forgotten. Friends from Switzerland (not EU
member) will focus their campaign on it.

– We kept on insisting on the link with the Gobal frackdown day. We are
now in contact with people involved in the coordination of that day.
Various way to better link the two events were discussed. One proposal
is to put on a model presentation (with slides)
and analysis one the link between trade agreements and Fracking. Friends
of the Earth Europe already has an 8 pages report, in 4 languages.
Groups would then have material ready to used fracking as an example of
the consequences of TTIP & CETA.

– We should put more emphasis on our positive proposals, especially the
Alternative Trade mandate ( ) and the
People’s treaty to stop corporate impunity ( )

Some other remarks and practical ideas:

– In the UK, writing to local newspapers about TTIP has been very
–  Action ideas ->
human chains around symbolical places (Paris);
“I am a trade barrier” rally – visiting places threatened by TTIP like
hospital, post, city halls, bio markets.. (Germany and Austria);
concerts (Belgium);
events with personalities (Madrid);
letters and calls to local politicians (Basque country)..

Several groups will use O11 to collect signatures for the ECI.

A detailed calender of international events on austerity, climate and
the corporate trade agenda has been written down, it goes until 2016! I
will spread it as soon as I have it in digital form.

I would like to write of short version of this email to the
“announcements” list, including info on when the website will be
officially launched (Aug 28), how to register and event, suggestions of
actions and a call for groups to tailor their actions to their local
issues. Are you ok with it?

The summer university was awesome, I am sure that O11 will be a great