THANK YOU minister Durkan!

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Dear Minister Durkan,

Thank you so much  for the decision you have taken today,

Thank you for ‘Doing The Right Thing’!

Fracking Free Ireland

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If you wish to thank the minister as well, here is his email address;

below the two TAKE ACTION letters

Extract from:

Take action – letter to mr. Durkan and Planning Office

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I implore you Mark, to follow in the footsteps of other great leaders within your party who took difficult decisions, despite the personal and political costs.
This is your one great opportunity to protect the future of NI and to go down in the history books as the man who had the courage to take a stand and to stop unconventional development before it was too late. In reaching out your hand to protect and safeguard, you have the ability to set the precedent on both sides of the border.

Extract from:

Minister Durkan ‘Do the Right Thing!

Take action – letter to Mr. Durkan

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I urge you to apply the precautionary principle, issue a Stop notice immediately, and determine that an EIA is required in this case.