High Court Order – Tamboran’s injunction

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Fracking company take injunction against protesters

Published: 28 Jul 2014 09:45

Fracking company Tamboran has taken out a High Court injunction against protesters at their Belcoo drill site.

Fracking company Tamboran has taken out a High Court injunction against protesters at their Belcoo drill site, warning them that they could go to prison if:

– they enter onto, occupy or be on the lands known as Gandrum Road, County Fermanagh;

– interfere with and/or prevent Tamboran from carrying on exploratory mining operations at or about the Lands under Petroleum Licence granted by the Department of Enterprise Trade and Investment to Tamboran on 1 April 2011; or

– obstruct access to and/or egress from the lands.

The injunction was given to the protesters on Saturday as more and more people arrived to the camp outside the gate at the Acheson and Glover quarry where Tamboran intend to drill a scientific borehole to examine the shale rocks for the presence of natural gas.

Protesters reacted by pinning copies of the injunction to the gate and continuing with their daily protests.

Tamboran also released a six minute video; three minutes of which showed protesters attempting to break down the security fence on Monday evening, the day the company arrived on site.

Following a demonstration last night (Sunday), newly-formed anti-fracking group Belcoo Frack Free stated: “Our campaign has established, and is maintaining, a continuous presence at the gates since Tamboran moved onsite last Monday.

“We are organising daily, peaceful evening protests which are attracting growing numbers and which end with locals and visitors providing a musical performance at the gates most nights. Yesterday (July 26th), we published a code of conduct for participants to ensure that our demonstrations remain peaceful and dignified and keep the focus on what Tamboran are doing at the site.”

The code of conduct urges protesters to treat others with respect; not damage equipment or property; act in an exemplary manner if arrested and “know the limits of anger or despair and develop strategies to manage and channel these emotions constructively.”

A Tamboran spokesman said: “Since Monday, July 21 a number of individuals have sought to gain unlawful access to the site. In order to protect the safety of local people, site security and protestors we have sought and secured an Order for an Injunction to deter anyone from seeking unlawful access. Further information about this Order is available at www.tamboran.com. This is an existing quarry site and although there is no drilling equipment on site security work has been ongoing.

“Tamboran respects people’s right to protest and we welcome calls from local people to ensure that the protests are peaceful.

“It is important to stress that the company is undertaking work it is required to do under the terms of the licence from Government and intends to meet its obligations in full.

“The company also believes the people of Fermanagh and Northern Ireland have a right to know if the gas is present. We suggest that given the potential benefit this can bring to everyone in terms of investment, jobs and critically energy security that this deserves serious consideration and debate. This is a straight-forward drilling operation, it is not fracking. We would ask that people approach with an open mind and willingness to listen to all the facts before making an informed decision.

“People have a right to the facts and that is what we are seeking to establish with this project.”

The Tamboran Injunction can be viewed on: