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mineralsCanvass Leitrim and Fermanagh Local Representatives to initiate legal action against Tamboran with regard to Belcoo Drilling

We need your help. Please consider sending mails or making calls to local politicians in Fermanagh and Leitrim about this.

Participants in the No Fracking Ireland network are calling on Leitrim County Council to jointly or individually to immediately apply to the NI courts for an urgent injunction to stop Tamboran from drilling at Belcoo Quarry. We call on them to do so on two bases. 1. Clear failure to consult with communities in Fermanagh and Leitrim and 2. Tamboran’s abuse of a loophole in the Planning Regulations wrt operations in Quarries. A borehole is not the same thing as a ‘mine’.

We call on our supporters to immediately begin canvassing their local reps in Leitrim and Fermanagh to begin this process immediately. Tell them to hire solicitors immediately to fine comb the planning laws and relevant EU directives and to share their solicitor’s findings with campaigners. Campaigners are also taking steps to do this themselves as they at this stage are aware of the lack of urgency on this issue being shown by public representatives. It should be made clear to your reps that if campaigners are forced to do this – it will be shameful for them.

This draft letter includes a clear – so clear a child could understand it – legal argument that Tamboran are abusing the planning laws:

I am writing with regard to Tamboran Resources PTY’s intention to do a test drill at Belcoo so as to establish the presence and level of SHALE GAS. Finding GAS is the primary and repeatedly publically stated purpose of their work in Belcoo.

Part 16A (Development Ancillary to Mining Operations) of Schedule 1 to The Planning (General Development) Order (Northern Ireland) 1993 S.R. 1993 No. 278 (as amended) provides permitted development rights for development ancillary to mining operations on land used as a mine. “Mining operations” are defined under the Order as “the winning andworking of minerals in, on or under land, whether by surface or underground working”.

In addition, the principal purpose of the development provided for by Part 16A must be connected to the winning and working of minerals and the treatment, storage and removal of such minerals.

For the purposes of the Order “mineral exploration” means “ascertaining the presence, extent or quality of any deposit of amineral with a view to exploiting that mineral”.

The definition of MINERAL is ‘a solid, naturally occurring inorganic substance’.

The definition of GAS is ‘an air-like fluid substance which expands freely to fill any space available, irrespective of its quantity’.

Tamboran have no right to drill in Belcoo where their repeatedly stated primary purpose is ascertaining if a GAS is present.

Please ask them to desist immediately from their work programme. It is transparently illegal.

A quarry or mine is somewhere people search for and unearth solids. This is NOT the business of Tamboran Resources.