Call to Boycott the Fermanagh Herald

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Statement from some members of the No Fracking Ireland Network : Call
to Boycott the Fermanagh Herald

Tamboran Resources are presently making full scale preparations for
test drilling at Belcoo in Fermanagh. The community in the surrounding
area, both north and south of the border have not been consulted with
on this …issue in any meaningful way.

We propose to those against the Fracking companies gaining a toe-hold
on the Island of Ireland that we initiate an immediate boycott of the
Fermanagh Herald as a result of their carrying a massive paid two page
advertorial from Tamboran Resources in the latest issue of the paper.
We can do without newspapers due to online and social media. We cannot
do without fresh clean water. Lines must be drawn.Inevitably such a big advertising spend with a paper published by a
relatively small company – The North West of Ireland Printing &
Publishing Company – will impact the editorial content of the paper.
This is visible today in a third editorial page of the paper dealing
with the situation at Belcoo. Two out of three articles on that page
are virtually indistinguishable from the Tamboran advertorial. The
overall headline on the page is ”Potential for up to 600 jobs insists
fracking company’.

We believe that the decision to accept Tamboran’s money has totally
compromised the ability of the paper to report objectively on the
emerging situation wrt to fracking at Belcoo and in the North West
generally. The editor of the newspaper has already refused point blank
to countenance making any apology whatsoever for his bad decision wrt
this advertisement. We believe that the editor has put the good of his
business ahead of the rights of the community it serves to enjoy a
safe secure and clean water supply and environment.

We ask supporters of the many stranded campaign to ban fracking and
preparatory work for fracking on the island of Ireland to:

1) Boycott the newspaper until they publically apologize to their
readership and provide campaigners with a matching amount of space for
free and

2) Ask any advertisers with the newspaper who they have contacts with
to withdraw their advertising until they apologize.

We will be identifying and distributing a list of their advertisers on
this event page imminently. Please spread the word about this through
the channels available to you.

We believe that this Boycott will send a healthy message to other
media – that being that corporate money is worth less than the support
of their readers and that that community support can be withdrawn
gradually or suddenly. This action is proposed in the context of many
straw polls which indicate that the Northern Irish and Fermanagh
populations do not want this industry. They generally understand that
it is not worth the serious threats to health, the environment and
clean water that it will bring with it – threats which are all to
apparent in the US and Australia where the industry is strongly
established. The same majority opposed to fracking realise it is not
worth the damage to existing industries like agriculture and tourism
that it will do if the North West ends up covered with fracking rigs.
Nobody wants to holiday in a gas field. Nobody wants produce from a
contaminated environment. There is no such thing as safe Fracking.
Accidents happen. A lot of them. Our opposition to Fracking is non
negotiable. What happens at Belcoo has the potential to affect the
population of this entire Island.

All power to the campaigners working against Tamboran Resources
wherever they are. Best wishes to those working on the ground in
Belcoo and Enniskillen.