ANTI FRACKING ACTION CAMP : BELCOO, FERMANAGH // meeting in belcoo tomorrow!!/tractor run

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Sunday 3 August – Anti-Fracking Tractor Run from Belcoo to Enniskillen, the bigger, the better, so get inviting. Contact PJ McGrath if interested. Time: 12.00

action camp

action 8-11 august


Participants in the Britain and Ireland Frack Free & No Fracking Ireland networks will be traveling to Belcoo to support the Belcoo Protection Camp on Friday 8th of August and remaining in the environs until Monday 11th August. We invite all who support the campaign to ban fracking on the island of Ireland to join us.
We intend to spend the time educating each other, networking, planning and protesting the test drill site. We will organise our activities when we gather and over the few days through (rough) rather than total consensus. This is a critical moment for the Anti-Fracking campaign. Tamboran Resources are using money, propaganda, bribery, misinformation and cowed politicians to force through a test drill at Belcoo on the shores of Lough McNean. Lough McNean borders three counties – Fermanagh, Leitrim and Cavan. This is an island-wide issue.

Our demands? That the test drill be cancelled and that the compound be dismantled. That Fracking be banned on the Island of Ireland.

Our tactics: Protest, Education, Civil Disobedience and the roasting of complacent politicians. We do not subscribe to property damage or any violence towards our opponents. If you do please respect our ideas and make your own plans well away from us. We do not want people who want somewhere to drink and drug along. We want musicians, artists, educators and determined people of good will.

What you need to bring: Tents. Creativity. A sense of humour. Determination.

Why protest a test drill? Because this drilling is part of the fracking industry process. Because we reject all aspects/proceedures/ground work etc connected to this industry. Because it is a foot in the door for the Frackers. Because an Environmental Impact Assessment has not been carried out. Because there is NO community consent in Leitrim, Cavan and Fermanagh for this operation. Because the Local community in Belcoo have not been consulted or allowed to have meaningful input into the decision. Because the politicians need to see the will of the people. People do not want this. Residents in the North West have had enough of this sword over their heads. This message needs to go out to the politicians north and south of the border.

The Republic of Ireland government are going to use the results of this drill to allow Tamboran Resources to leapfrog their licensing process in the Republic. They could very easily test drill in Fermanagh and Frack Leitrim. Time to get out and stop this in its tracks. It is no coincidence that there are emergency Local Council meetings in Roscommon, Leitrim and mostlikely Fermanagh in the next ten days dealing with this issue. People are enraged and mobilised and now is the time to make noise, organise, take action and stop this in its tracks.

Updates will be added to this event notice between now and the event.