Fermanagh Protest, the day the Frackers Came, July 21st 2014

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Mary-Jo Mullarkey
A sad day for the island of Ireland, a sad picture of our ” western democracy” and a sad fact that fracking has already been proved to be dangerous. No need to wait to see if it’s safe – it’s not.


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Full video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GTGPMCGiJyc&feature=share

Song:  approx. 18 min. My love will not die for Ireland, Tears in my eyes for Ireland.
Video impression and poemhttp://fermanaghherald.com/2014/07/video-anti-fracking-activists-protest-at-drilling-site/

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Source: Ban Fracking Fermanagh facebook
I would like to share an eyewitness report from Enniskillen this morning. Richard was at the quarry in Belcoo last night. As always the beautiful poetry and inspiring speeches did not make the news coverage.
Sadly not only are the fence rattlers those to get TV coverage, they also caused locals people present with children to leave. This is an important point to bear in mind for any future events.
” Belcoo drill site on this morning’s BBC news.

Several hundred people have taken part in an anti-fracking protest in County Fermanagh http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-northern-ireland-28412299

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Once again the jobs card is being played – Bazley hyping up the jobs forecast, now it’s 100s if not 1000s – Interesting then that this flies in the face of everywhere else in the world where the jobs realized pale from those promised. He also fails to say that what few jobs are created will be short term and those very few longer term jobs will be for experts wheeled in from afar. Of course no mention of the 1000s if not 10000s of jobs LOST from the extensive tourism and agriculture industries.

As predicted the emphasis by the good old British Brainwashing Corporation was primarily on the 30 seconds of fence rattling, a short shot of the crowd before most turned up making it look like there were not that many there, none of the amazing speeches, poems and cameraderie that showed that this industry is not wanted in this beautiful part of the world. They did show a short piece on Donal telling it as it is, well said Donal..

Finally to the 4 people out of 300+ who decided to give the BBC their money shot, if you had not rattled the fence it would have made it impossible for the BBC to show us in ANY negative light, please either don’t do it or don’t bother coming, you are not helping the cause and you are not welcome.”

Locals outraged as Tamboran prepare to drill months earlier than planned

Drills and other equipment have been brought to a quarry in Co. Fermanagh by in preparation for fracking exploratory work to be carried out there.

Local people woke this morning to find that notices from the gas company Tamboran had been placed into their letterboxes overnight, telling the of the planned drill.

Love Leitrim were informed by officials in Petroleum Affairs Division last Friday that of Tamboran’s intention to carry out sample deep core drilling in Fermanagh but it was thought that this would not commence until early autumn.

People in the area have expressed their shock at the work commencing at such short notice. Love Leitrim’s Eddie Mitchell says the results of Tamboran’s exploratory digging in Northern Ireland will have consequences for the Republic also