21 July – LETTER Tamboran to locals – Security preparations at Belcoo site

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21 JULY 2014
BBC  news – Tamboran: Fracking company plans ‘exploratory borehole’ in Fermanagh – http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-northern-ireland-28401985

Tamboran informationTINFO1

bbcWhat is going on?

Source:Love Leitrim
Tamboran have occupied a quarry owned by Acheson+Glover this morning. As they entered the site this morning as early as 5:30 am they woke residents and presented them with notification that they plan to drill an approximately 150 mm x 750m deep bore hole to extract core samples. They now have workmen and equipment on site with security set up at the entrance. Tamboran have notified the Department of Environment DOE in Northern Ireland of their intention to drill. They must screen the notification to see whether planning permissions is required under environmental assessment legislation. I have been told by the Petroleum Affairs Division that the Irish Government will accept the outcome of the drilling as part of the southern Irish work programme. This means that this drilling may as well be taking place in the republic of Ireland
Source: a campaigner

DOE have confirmed today that they have received notification from Tamboran that they wish to carry carry out development under Permitted Development Rights (PDR). The DOE has to screen the notification form/application from Tamboran (carry out an assessment under EIA regulations) to see is the work that Tamboran are proposing to carry out under PDR allowed in the first place, or will they (Tamboran) have to apply for planning permission instead.

Tamboran do not have permission to do anything here at the moment
It is not correct that all the necesseray permissions are granted … as stated in their letter (see below) 
The impression is being created by Tamboran and sections of the media today is that Tamboran have permission to carry out the work that they are proposing to do. This isn’t correct. Tamboran have permission from DETI (Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment) to carry out this work as part of their exploration licence but DOE has to carry out an assessment (screening) of the PDR notification that they have received from Tamboran. DOE could take up to 42 days before they complete the assessment process. It’s only when DOE has completed the assessment process that will we actually know what happens next.

letter tamboran


Security preparations are underway…



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