European Citizen Initiative – TTIP & CETA

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The international anti fracking campaign will start an ECI against the TTIP and CETA(resp. Trading between EU and US and EU and Canada)
We will start to collect 1 million signatures in September.
For Ireland we need 9.000 signatures!
Various Irish campaign groups/networks do support this initiative.

 The Press Conference on Tuesday 15 July 2014 at 12:00 at the Press Club Brussels.
The press conference will take place simultaneously with the official registration of the ECI and will serve as the official launch of the campaign.
Three members of the citizens’ committee (Susan George, John Hilary and Michael Efler) will represent the ECI at the conference. Moreover, Karl Bär from the Munich Environment Institute will chair the event.

The conference will be broadcasted live. Therefore, you will have the opportunity to follow the event although you are not located in Brussels. The live-stream will be available on our official campaign website. By putting the link of the campaign website on your own website, you can invite other people to follow the press conference online as well.

The official campaign website is online now but in a provisional version. The website’s URL is

Besides the live-stream, you will find useful material on the website such as info-texts, the official text of the ECI, press releases, additional info on TTIP in general and Investor-State-Dispute-Settlement in particular as well as short biographies and photos of the members of the citizen’s committee. You´ll also find the invitation to our press conference online and attached (in English and German). We encourage you to spread it to your national media contacts.

In addition, we have set up today social media accounts (Facebook and Twitter) for which we of course need as many followers and fans as possible. Please like and follow us here: