Compendium of scientific, medical and media findings…risks and harms of fracking

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About This Report  CHPNY-Fracking-Compendium
The Compendium is a fully referenced compilation of the significant body of scientific, medical and journalistic findings demonstrating risks and harms of fracking. Organized to be accessible to public officials, researchers, journalists and the public at large, the
Compendium succinctly summarizes key studies and other findings relevant to the ongoing public debateabout unconventional methods of oil and gas extraction.
The Compendium should be used by readers to grasp the scope of the information about both public health and safety concerns and the economic realities of fracking that frame these concerns.
The reader who wants to delve deeper may consult the reviews, studies, and articles referenced. (In addition, a fully searchable, near -exhaustive citation database of peer
– reviewed journal articles pertaining to shale gas and oil extraction is housed at the PSE Healthy Energy Library.