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TTIP international day of action: here

What is TTIP and why is it of concern?

12th of July 2014. 11am to 1pm.

Venue: The Greenhouse, 17 St Andrew Street, Dublin 2

The Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership (TTIP) is a trade treaty currently under negotiation between the EU and the USA. With tariffs between the USA and the EU already very low, a primary focus of these negotiations is on curbing regulations and standards on a range of areas including environmental protection, energy, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and toxic chemicals management, financial services and banking, food and consumer product safety. Of particular concern is the place to be given to international Investor-State Dispute Settlement, “ISDS”, mechanisms which allow investors to bypass national courts and challenge governments for introducing regulations that in business’ view harms their business interests or imposes extra costs due to increased regulation.

Of greatest concern, is the secrecy and urgency associated with the negotiations, excluding democratic scrutiny. Effectively, a select political elite are seeking not only to decide the future course of public, environmental and economic policies within Europe and the USA, and to set the standards for the largest trade relationship in the world that will set the standard for global trade systems.

The total lack of transparency and democracy in such a momentous agreement is unacceptable.

Who are we?

Several civil society groups have come together to begin to explore how to respond to this process.

Representatives from a diverse range of local and global justice organisations, civil society organisations including Environmental NGO’s, trade unions and other social movements in Ireland have come together to share information and to stimulate greater awareness regarding these negotiations and to highlight components of an agreement such as ISDS which would be detrimental and unacceptable.

Details of Event Planned:

On the 12th of July 2014 – it is proposed to hold a broad based civil society consultation on the TTIP which will be an opportunity for civil society groups to come together and learn and share about the TTIP and what impacts it will bring in Ireland and internationally.

A morning’s information / briefing is proposed from provisionally between 11am and 1pm to be followed by a public street theatre event to highlight key aspects of the TTIP.

This event will be taking place in parallel to the World Development Movement’s day of action on TTIP in the UK.


John Gibbons environmental campaigner and the founder of the climatechange.ie website.
Paul Murphy – former MEP and member of European Parliament Trade Committee
Barry Finnegan – ATTAC Ireland and lecturer, Faculty of Journalism & Media Communications, Griffith College Dublin
Conor McCabe – Historian and Author, Research Fellow in UCD School of Social Justice

The purpose of the event is to provide information and to start a cross-sectoral civil society response on TTIP. The number of seats at the venue will be limited and therefore the event will required pre-registration.

Organisations Supporting.

ATTAC Ireland
An Taisce
Centre for Global Education
Comhlámh Trade Justice Group
Debt and Development Coalition Ireland
Presentation Justice Network
Young Friends of the Earth
Environmental Pillar