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WE NEED YOUR HELP – This is your chance to fight the frack!

Please help Sian to represent Ireland in the Euro-Maghreb network meeting in Paris, 19-23 August.

make your donation to:

And she will give you a link to the paypal account!

As you know,  fracking is not a local problem, not a national problem, but an EU and even a GLOBAL problem.We are fighting shoulder to shoulder to keep Ireland, Europe, the World Fracking Free!  (See the accuses of NATO/Rasmussen to the international anti – fracking campaign and our quick response to it.)

We can do a lot over the internet, google groups, sharing info, skype, but the international campaign is meeting up twice a year. We did attend two meetings in Brussels, one in Marseille and did miss the latest one in St. Christol (March 2014) due to lack of funding and long travel times.
Next meeting is 19-23 August in Paris. Topics are fracking (19th August), TTiP climate change and much more

Sian Cowman is willing to represent Ireland. There is a small funding to cover some costs, but not enough for the flight and overnight. Please DONATE TODAY!
contact: siancowman[at] and she will give you a paypal link
Fracking Free Ireland.

Reporter: Vincent

We propose to host a meeting of the Euro-Maghreb network, during the European Summer University for Social Movements (ESU) in Paris. This meeting will be held Tuesday, Aug. 19 in the morning, at the University Paris-VII Diderot in the 13th arrondissement. We propose this following agenda:
– Review and prolongation of the « Frack Free Europe » campaign ;
– Revival of the Forbach declaration, particularly towards the MEPs, who have committed themselves  to a Frack Free Europe ;
– Next agenda of the European Commission and Parliament, assessment recommendations provided in July 2015 ;
– What’s up in Maghreb countries?
– Global FrackDown, day of decentralized action against TAFTA, which might take place on the same day.

All suggestions are welcome.
After our meeting, other activities may attract your attention. Jaqueline has sent you a pre-program Synthetically on : TNs lobbying, role of public and private banks, Climat, UFF and water ressources in the Maghreb, where members of our network are involved