Cllr Leitrim

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Des Guckian, an anti fracking-campaigner is elected!

Ineke, my friend, you may be sure I’ll be anti-fracking at every opportunity and work
with Cllr Gerry Dolan and others. Cllr Des Guckian.

Anti-fracking is one of the main planks of my campaign to be elected, as an Independent, to Leitrim Co Council. I’ve mentioned it in each of my three canvass leaflets. I must say this stance has evoked a good response from many voters. I believe most voters fear that fracking may be introduced here “by the back door”. People see what has happened in Britain and they see the drift towards fracking in The Six Counties. If elected to Leitrim Co Council, I will work along with other like-minded Cllrs to keep the fracking threat to the fore in peoples minds. I firmly believe, and I have this in my third leaflet, ” If fracking gets in here, we can all be moving out”. Evidences from USA, Australia, Canada etc all suggest that fracking will bring a major calamity and, like the banking catastrophe, it is Sean and Maire Citizen who will be asked to foot the bill. Would any sane set of voters wish to see us and our country destroyed for “a mess of pottage”?