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PRESS RELEASE,  who has signed the pledge and a link to take action in:

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MATT CARTHY is our latest candidate who signed the pledge (No to Fracking, No to TTIP) –


Take Action

Email you local election candidates now asking them to sign the Fracking Free Ireland Pledge.

Who has already signed:

You will be able to see who has already signed the Pledge at this link as they sign up between now and polling day on 23rd May.

As of today, Tuesday 20th May, approximately 30% of candidates have signed this pledge.

How many candidates have signed the pledge from each party? Here are the stats:

Sinn Fein – 184 candidates

Fianna Fail – 53 candidates

Green Party – 50 candidates

Independents – 37 candidates

Labour – 34 candidates

Fine Gael – 29 candidates

People before Profit – 18 candidates

Click here to see who has signed!

Read the press release of on the launch of the campaign here.

Read our 3-page position on unconventional fossil fuels and fracking here.

Download our detailed report on shale gas and fracking in Europe here.