TAKE ACTION – Shale gas: don’t let them bottle it.

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Shale gas: don’t let them bottle it.

30 April 2014

Your MLAs could stop Arlene Foster from bringing fracking to Northern Ireland – don’t let them bottle it.

Arlene Foster has the unilateral power as Enterprise Minister to issue and renew drilling licences for gas and oil exploration and extraction in Northern Ireland.

She recently decided to extend the deadline for Tamboran to conduct test drilling in Fermanagh, after the company failed to carry out the work by the original deadline of 31 March 2014.

A petition has been tabled at Stormont that would refer this decision to the Executive, and take the power out of Arlene’s hands on this issue.

It needs 30 MLAs to sign it in order for it to be successful.

Please email the Assembly parties and demand that they stand up for democratic decision making on the issue of fracking, and against Ministers working in silos when our environment is in peril.

Shale gas: don’t let them bottle it

Dear MLA

With the signature of 30 MLAs this decision would be taken out of Ms Foster’s hands, and become a matter for all the parties in the Executive to consider.

This is your chance to show just how committed you are to fighting fracking in Northern Ireland, and to democratic and accountable decision making in general. We can stop fracking before it even starts.

This is your opportunity to keep frackers from our countryside, so don’t bottle it.

You have until 8 May 2014 to sign the petition and defend us from frackers.