LNG fact sheet and political update

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Here is the link to the LNG fact sheet:  http://www.americansagainstfracking.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/AAF-LNG-final-primer1.pdfAmericans Against Fracking has sent out an email blast to our members today in response to very bad legislation moving through Congress that would accelerate the march to build Liquefied Natural Gas terminals along US  coastal cities and so provide fracked gas a passport for overseas travel.

As you know, Washington’s stated reason for this new rush to export the results of fracking is the new stand-off with Russia.
LNG poses many additional health and safety risks above and beyond those that result from fracking.
Because it is liquefied through cryogenic chilling, much fossil fuel energy must be expended just in its creation.  Typically, an LNG export terminal requires its own power plant just to transform the gas form of methane into a super-cold liquid.
Second, LNG is a known terrorist target.  (LNG tankers require escort by gunship when they enter a harbor, for example.)  And, third, when it is revaporized upon arrival on the far shore of the ocean, flare stacks are required, which are highly polluting.
All of these dangers and more are described in a one-page fact sheet on LNG, which Americans Against Fracking has just released.  This fact sheet is fully referenced, can be printed out, and has space for you to add your own group’s name.  We hope you will find it useful.