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Email MEP/candidates and ask them to become a frack free MEP
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Compare who did sign the declaration and the vote tracker. Make up your mind!

Pat the Cope Gallagher did sign the declaration but did made a footnote re. the TTIP as Marian Harkin.

Why Marian Harkins name  is missing on the poster:

My voting record at all stages in the Parliament, my actions as well as statements clearly show my opposition to fracking. I have attended many meetings in Leitrim,Roscommon and Clare  where I have supported anti fracking activists and made my views known. I have invited and sponsored anti fracking activists to attend meetings in the EU Parliament and also invited an anti fracking film maker to the petitions committee in the Parliament to interview MEP’s including myself. To me actions speak louder than words

 When asked to sign any document I read it carefully. Your document is about a number of issues as well as fracking including the TTIP agreement and investor state disputes. These are very complicated issues. In order to try and get some clarity I put down a question to the Commission in regard to its  treatment of investor state disputes in the context of TTIP. Right now I cannot oppose the TTIP agreement unilaterally without knowing what will be in that agreement,if indeed we ever reach an agreement.

Therefore I can say the following. I oppose anti democratic measures in the negotiation process of TTIP  but I cannot say I oppose the outcome without knowing what the outcome will be. I may oppose any final outcome on TTIP on a number of grounds but until we have an outcome I cannot say yes or no.

 In regard to investor state disputes I am studying the Commission response and will need further clarification but I do have serious concerns about possible ramifications of their inclusion in any final deal. That is my considered and honest view. I therefore hope that my record of support for the anti fracking campaign both my actions and my words along with my response to the your declaration will be sufficient to prove my anti fracking credentials. I support the declaration with reservations on TTIP