EU Energy Security Plan – letter to heads of state and myth buster

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 EU’s Energy Security Plan, to be prepared by the European Commission by June 2014.
Reporter Geert de Cock
Based on the comments received, I revised the ‘myth buster’ document that outlines why more gas – wherever it comes from, however it is extracted – cannot be the answer to the current crisis in Ukraine and the outrageous foreign policy efforts of Russia.
  • No boost in domestic production of conventional gas, including from Norway to be expected
  • New pipelines from Russia and Caspian region that bypass Ukraine will not resolve energy security concerns.
  • The global LNG market is and will remain tight.
  • There will be no significant LNG exports from the US.
  • Fracking large areas in Europe is a really bad idea and will not generate significant amounts of gas.
With input from the renewables and the energy efficiency sectors, I think that we can credibly say that ambitious policies on energy efficiency in buildings and more renewables, especially in the heating and cooling, can reduce the EU’s annual gas consumption by 40% by 2030. Such a reduction would ‘replace’ – if I can put it like that – more than the equivalent all of the EU’s imports of Russian gas.
By arguing for reduced gas consumption, I think that the anti-fracking movement can show that we are not just against fracking, but also in favour of real solutions. By advocating for a reduced reliance on gas imports (including from Russia), we also have an opportunity to showcase that we are not ‘Gazpom spies’, ‘Putin fans’ or whatever we have been called by shale enthusiasts.
Here is the so-called ‘myth buster gas energy security_FINAL As well as a Letter European Council_gas imports to your Heads of State about the upcoming European Council meeting. Feel free to adapt, as you see fit.
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