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April 9, 2014

« Frack Free Europe » Campaign

 The Euro-Maghreb network opposed to extreme hydrocarbons and extractivism is going to partake in the debate in the lead-up to the European parliamentary elections with a “Frack Free Europe” campaign.

In the past five years the European Parliament has been largely debating the topic of shale gas. Of late the Parliament proposed that the directive on mandatory assessment of the environmental impact be extended to exploration and production of this unconventional fossil fuel. However the European Council rejected the resolution.

Today the shale gas issue is part and parcel of the public debate all over Europe. In the United Kingdom and in Romania manifestations of citizens opposed to this noxious activity are, sometimes violently, repressed. Projects for the extraction of coal bed methane are being developed in Belgium, Scotland and France. In this last country, the ban on hydraulic fracking might be loopholed by means of exploration licenses for scientific research, thus allowing other fracking techniques. On all political levels (European institutions, governments and parliaments of member states, local authorities) lobbying by investors and the oil and gas industry has never been more intense, in order to abrogate any impediments to their activities. European and national legislation are under pressure, and even more so the free trade agreements that are in the making between the European Union and the United States on the one hand and between the European Union and Canada on the other.

The future European Parliament needs MEPs who will fight for the public interest independently of any corporate interests. MEPs who will stand up for the public and for democracy against excessive influence of lobbies in support of banks and big business. MEPs who will support a moratorium on fracking and who will oppose attempts by oil and gas companies to jeopardize or question our environmental legislation.

We call on all the candidates for the European Parliament, who are convinced that the production of extreme hydrocarbons will only aggravate climate change:

to publicly express their opposition to unconventional fossil fuels extraction and hydraulic fracking,

– to engage Europe in a real energy transition towards clean and renewable energies,

– to reject the free trade agreements currently negotiated and any clauses giving superior rights to investors,

– to wear the “Frack Free Europe” badge all during the electoral campaign.



FFERead also: Why a Frack Free Europe Campaign during the next EU elections
Also:  a toolkit to run the campaign with:
– FFE-Letter-candidate-en to send to our MEP’s
FFE-commitment-declaration-en to be signed by the MEP
posters etc.

Updated list MEP/MEP cnadidates (8 May)

23 May 2014 EU and local elections

Ireland  and NI – European Parliament election candidates


List of MEP’s/candidates (not complete);;;; (Mep at present,  not a candidate);;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

missing email addresses from
Sinn Fein:  Lynn Boylan, Liadh Ní Riada, Matt Carthy
Independent: Mark Fitzsimmons, Diarmuid O’Flynn


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