EU VOTE – Contact the MEP’s: reject proposal

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Please send TODAY an email to our MEP’s and ask to reject the proposal, see template letter below;;;;;;;;;;;


Dear MEP,

The international campaign group gathered last weekend in France and we decided to ask you to reject the proposal, agreed between the Council and the Parliament ont he review of the EIA Directive.
Please read the short letter below and  please let me know how you will vote

Kind regards,

Ineke Scholte
Fracking Free Ireland


Location, March 11, 2014

RE: Mandatory Environmental Impact assessments for unconventional fossil fuels are non-negotiable.

The European Parliament has repeatedly expressed its support for a mandatory Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for all unconventional fossil fuel exploration and extraction. Several reports of the European Commission and the European Parliament have pointed out existing loopholes in EU legislation, such as the lack of an EIA for unconventional fossil fuel exploration and extraction.

Member States such as Poland, Romania and the United Kingdom – with allies like Hungary, Lithuania, and Czech Republic – have rejected this demand from the MEPs, who represent the populations that will be impacted by unconventional drilling & fracking activities.

This rejection of the clear position adopted by the Parliament – the only directly elected institution of the EU – is an offence. This is a grave precedent and shows the lack of democratic legitimacy of EU decision-making on such vital matters as protecting the environment and public health from the impacts of exploiting unconventional fossil fuels.

On Wednesday March 12 (procedure 2012/0297(COD)), the plenary session of the Parliament will vote the final text. Regrettably, this text does not contain any rules, requiring unconventional fossil fuels and fracking activities to undergo a mandatory EIA.

This is why we – the representatives of frack-free communities from 12 European countries – ask MEPs to reject the weak proposal, agreed between the Council and the Parliament on the review of the EIA Directive.

Yours sincerely,

Collectif du Nord (France)
Bastagaz Alès (France)
Collectif Causse Méjean (France)
Collectif Garrigue Vaunage (France)
Collectif Anduze/Attac (France)
Collectif Plaine du Languedoc (France)
Amis de la Terre (France)
Collectif Tarn et Garonne (France)
Agir pour l’Environnement (France)
Fracking-free Bulgaria (Bulgaria)
BI Lebenswertes Korbach e.V. (Germany)
BI Fracking freies Hessen (Germany)
Fracking Free Ireland (Ireland)
Stop Steenkoolgas (Belgium)
Schaliegasvrij Nederland (Netherlands)
Centre for Sustainable Development (Lithuania)
The Civil Affairs Institute (INSPRO) (Poland)
Iniciativa Per Catalunya Verds (Spain)
RiudauraJunts anti-fracking (Spain)
Romania Fara Ei (Romania)
Frack-free Sussex (UK)
Ribble Estuary Against Fracking (UK)
No Fracking in Balcombe Society (UK)
Falkirk Against Unconventional Gas (UK)
Britain & Ireland Frack Free (UK)
Friends of the Earth (Ukraine)

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