‘There’s no middle ground. . . it’s either right or it’s wrong’

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Caroline Crawford – Published 03 March 2014 02:30 AM
* CATHAOIRLEACH of Leitrim County Council Sean McDermott said the jury was still out for him on fracking.

The Fine Gael councillor would be surprised if fracking was given a clean bill of health by the EPA.

“I would love, as a councillor from the government party, to be sitting down at a press conference making an announcement of maybe 500 or 600 jobs in north Leitrim.

“I want to see people staying in the area, but I have a fear about fracking and the process has to be looked at.

“Technology is changing so fast. Who’s to say we can’t take the gas out of the ground in 10 years in a safer manner?

“We have to get it right. There is no middle ground in fracking, it’s either right or it’s wrong.”

* FARMERS Michael Gallagher and Jim Dillon oppose any plans to introduce fracking in Leitrim, fearing it could spell the end of their livelihood.

Their main concern is the back flow of water and chemicals from the wells seeping into the ground water and potentially poisoning animals or affecting crops.

“The affect the possible pollution will have on this area is huge,” said Michael.

“They are looking at 3,000 wells in this area with millions of gallons of water for each frack. There is a list as long as your arm of chemicals that they pump in to do this type of work.

“Experts say up to 30pc or 40pc of what goes down has to come back up again.

“Our main concern is the flow-back from those tanks flowing into our drinking water or the streams used by our sheep and cattle. Our drinking water comes from Lough Gill and all the water here will flow into Lough Gill