Joint open letter to EU institutions

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Joint open letter to EU institutions

16 th January 2014  (updated 26 Jan 2014)

Over 400 groups of concerned citizens and environmental organisations, mobilised against the development in Europe of unconventional fossil fuels, are extremely worried about the recent developments regarding review of the Environmental Impact Assessment Directive, plans for a European UFF framework and also about transatlantic agreements and projects of the European Commission.

Please find below their open letter and an updated list of signatures
For the attention of:
José Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission, & Commissioners from DG ENVI, ENER, CLIMA, ENTR, AGRI;

To European Council Members and national heads of state (Presidents, Prime Ministers & Ministers concerned);

To Members of the European Parliament.

Subject: Unconventional fossil fuels / Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Directive & other projects from the European Institutions

OPEN LETTER: (incl 294 signatures 16 Jan))

List of  SIGNATURES : (incl. 306 signatures, 20/01/2014 10.30 a.m.)
signatures final 5

List of signatures (new total  23 Jan. : 2014-01-23signatures (399 signatures)

The letter in various languages (German,  French, Dutch, Swedish etc)

REPLY FROM BARROSOreply-open-letter

The Parliament Magazine has just published an op-ed FoEE and Food & Water Europe jointly wrote:
This is probably the best update we could give you about the most recent developments and discussions at the EU level before the 22nd of January.

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