Fracking banned in Leitrim

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fracking bannedFracking  banned–

After years of debate on the subject of fracking, Leitrim County Council has voted not to permit it within the county.

An overwhelming majority of councillors decided not to permit unconventional oil/gas exploration and extraction projects/operations when the matter came before them on Monday night last.
A motion proposed by Cllr Gerry Dolan and seconded by Cllr Sean McSharry outlining the Council’s policy on the matter was inserted into the Leitrim County Draft Development Plan.

Councillors were warned by Acting County Manager, Martin Dolan, that should they vote to ban fracking and if a case was taken against the Council as a result, any loss of funds would be surcharged against those who voted for it.

A vote was then taken on the proposal and 17 councillors voted for it, four abstained and one, Cllr Gerry Reynolds, voted against it.

A large crowd protesting against fracking attended outside the Council offices.