Take Action – 9 – 13 January 2014

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ENNISKILLEN ANTI – FRACKING DEMO  Thursday 9 Jan 6.30 Town Hall Enniskillen (gathering Linnen Hall 6.00 pm)

From Ban Fracking Fermanagh

Despite the announcement that Mr.Bazely may or may not turn up this Thursday to meet with Fermanagh District Council, the planned demo is going ahead.

Public representatives need to be reminded that they represent the interests of the people not the few who will be the only ones to benefit from this destructive industry.

We are united in a growing, global movement to ban ‘fracking’.

This Thurs 6:30pm – 9pm it’s still on in Fermanagh. Groups meeting from 6:00pm, in the Linnen Hall, Enniskillen.

Spread the word, Tweet, share, post and tell your friends. We have all seen Barton Moss, Balcombe and others. If you don’t believe peaceful protest is effective watch the clip from the link I’ll add below then be inspired. See you on Thursday.
Brewing Up A Twitter STORM!!

To coincide with Dr. Bazley’s visit to address FDC’s Environmental Health Committee this Thursday (Jan 9th), we want to make the topic of #fracking the No.1 trend in Ireland & UK!!

This Thursday, between 7-9pm, we will be calling for a mobilization of fractivists & people opposed to #fracking accross Ireland & UK to simultaneously tweet/retweet your opinions, links, pics etc using the hashtag, #irelandfrackfree.

Also, for those living in NI, to ensure that our Stormont politicians are paying attention, we would ask YOU all to express your opposition to #fracking by directing your tweets to the following: @MarkHDurkan @DUPleader @M_McGuinness_SF

JOIN US in our campaign to keep #irelandfrackfree

Jan the 13th, Leitrim will be voting on the county development plan, we will need everyone their children, friends and neighbours to be outside the offices to say NO BAN means NO VOTE .