Fracking Matters Newsletter 01-14 (132)

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Fracking Matters Newsletter 01-14 (132)

The 21st century will be the ‘war of the mind’ (Churchill?) and it seems that Europe is speeding up with shale gas development, governments are preparing for ‘the big fight’ that might start (in Ireland) after the release of the EPA report within two years…
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– Enniskillen – tomorrow, Tony Bazley left a ‘Sick Note’ but sometimes people recover very fast…. So the demonstration will go ahead!
– Leitrim – 13th January
– Flooding and fracking – Flood our politicians with emails and tweets. Sample available
– Guaranteed Fracking Fee – email/tweet to supermarkets, Samples provided

EU Commission/Parliament/Envi, legislation – complicated, but Antoine from Friends of the Earth explains.

People of Ireland, it will be a tough year!
Wake up, join us to Keep Ireland Fracking Free!