Tamboran will drill borehole in weeks

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Immediate Action needs to be taken by all groups throughout the island with the news that
Tamboran is to drill for fresh shale samples within weeks in Fermanagh

This is outrageous given the fact that Northern Ireland agencies are also involved in the EPA’s research programme, and the Irish Government have been assured this industry will not proceed until research complete.
Arewe being hoodwinked, are the Irish government stating ‘no fracking’, but other
activity can take place? This seems to be the situation in Northern Ireland.
This announcement by Tamboran means this industry will be in on the ground on
the Island of Ireland, machinery will be moved in etc… This would be the
commencement of the ‘fracking industry’ here.
Now is the time for us to see Sinn Fein and others put their words into
actions and stop Tamboran from being allowed to do any ground activity in Northern Ireland.
We must organise a massive response to Tamboran’s announcement. They must receive a strong show of resistance to this news from us. and we must now fiercely lobby all politicians to stop this from going ahead.
This drilling for new shale samples by Tamboran would be this industry’s foot in
the door in Ireland, that’s what they want and we cannot let this happen.