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Here is some information I thought it would be worth sharing with the fracking community.
I attended this workshop which was held in relation to the Aarhus convention on the 7th of December in Dublin.
We were advised that it is explained well on citizen information website
I have also attached a template letter which was shared with us at the meeting that can be used when applying for information from public authority.  Also included is the power point presentation which Michael Ewing from the environmental pillar made.
We were told at the workshop that some of the local public authority are not fully up to speed with Aarhus yet, so you could be knocked back when you request some information but once you cite the Aarhus you are within you rights.
Aarhus Roadshow Nov-Dec 2013  Power Point Presentation by Michael Ewing (env. Pillar)
Sample of request letter:

Request for information under the Access to Information Regulations (2007-2011), and under Article 4 of the Aarhus Convention.


Dear Sir/Madam

 I am writing to you under the above Regulations, and in line with the provisions of Article 4 of the Aarhus Convention to request the following information…..