Up hill battle in Europe over Fracking

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Up hill battle in Europe over frackinghttp://www.nytimes.com/2013/12/12/business/energy-environment/uphill-battle-in-europe-over-fracking.html?_r=0

Comment by an engineer
Lord Browne’s Cuadrilla (as per the article you forward) have not fracked Balcombe at all. They have fracked Fylde. The article seems to give him a hard right up but actually why is he wrong in stating the minimal risk to groundwater? Where’s the evidence that Cuadrilla have ever polluted groundwater? Do you know how many strings of casing they use in their wells? Do you know what grade of cement they use and how they run their cement jobs? Do you know the results of their cement bond logs? Does Stanley or Vanessa? These minor details are rather important.